Clapton CFC’s new red, black and white home shirt is now on sale

Clapton CFC’s first new home shirt in five years is finally on sale.

The design was chosen from 81 submissions by our members in the summer when we needed to change due to a settlement of an intellectual property case.

Following the initial members’ vote on five shortlisted designs, two kits were within 0.8% of each other, so a run-off was held.

Nick Davidson’s design, inspired by the big red, black and white patterned flag seen at Clapton CFC games, won 57% of the vote and was therefore the winner.

The truth is, I didn’t have to do any designing at all. It was all done for me. I don’t know the complete history of the flag; it has certainly been around since our first season as Clapton Community FC in 2018/19.

It is a fairly unique design, the black rectangles fading through several shades of red before hitting the white. All the design credit must go to whoever got the flag made in the first place – the kit is their genius not mine.

I guess the timing was quite fortunate though, in that repeating geometric patterns are quite popular in kit design at the moment. The contemporary vibes might just have been enough to see off its competitors in the public vote – and the subsequent ‘play-off’ vote.

Nick Davidson

Shirts are manufactured in Italy by Rage Sport with material sourced from companies that pay their workers properly and fairly.

And unlike most football clubs, the design isn’t from a template but completely unique and customised by Rage Sport.

I still remember with great joy the day when, about four years ago, I travelled to London to witness a league cup final that Clapton CFC deservedly won playing a memorable match.

On that occasion I had the pleasure of flying a historic flag for almost the entire match that will continue to fly even on the field on the new “home” jersey that we produced for the London anti-fascist team.

Rage Sport

Some of you have managed to buy the shirt already via two pre-order windows, but this is the first time we have had stock. 

They are available online or in person at women and men’s first team home games and other events at the Old Spotted Dog Ground.

Photographer Barley Nimmo held a photo shoot at the Old Spotted Dog Ground to help launch the kit.

He was joined by CCFC players and members Teju Callisto, Chelsie Osborne, Charlie Fagan, Jack Francis, Juliet Jacques, Annu Mayor and Mick Allchin as models.

CCFC is a club which over the years I have felt very connected to. It’s rare to find a club which represents its community as whole-heartedly as Clapton in the modern game. As a result I wanted to give something back.

Over the past 5 years I have been working as a photographer and writer in the footballing scene.

I wanted to photograph real members of Clapton’s fans and squads in front of elements of The Old Spotted Dog ground to celebrate the club moving into its iconic home.

Barley Nimmo

We’ve not needed to change the away shirt, based on the colours of the Second Spanish Republic flag, but they are also back on sale.

The home and away shirts are still £25 each (plus £5 VAT in GB and NI if you’re ordering a adult size, and possible sales taxes or tariffs if you’re ordering overseas) from the Clapton CFC store.

Due to the manufacturers using Italian sizing, most people require one size up from their normal size – unless you like a tight fit.

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  1. What’s the significance of the downward pointing arrows over the right breast? Thanks

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