July 2021 income and expenditure

The month of July was packed with CCFC news: first pre-season friendlies, a design competition for a new home shirt, recruitment events, arrangements for an incredible double-header game in Manchester in August, great progress with the Old Spotted Dog and a historical anti-racist stance for the club, which was the first in Britain to get apartheid free zone accreditation.

The club’s expenditures increased back to its usual level, totalling £10,754.21 for the month of July, up from £2,999.40 in June. 

The largest areas of spending were related to merchandise: the production of winter scarves totalled £1,719. Crucially, for the first time in the Club’s history, we have a new uncertainty to contend with as a result of Brexit: we need to pay for import costs for merchandise we order from within the EU which totalled £509.35 of charges this month. In addition, we paid £211.83 on Paypal fees. The club also spent £781.66 on materials for merchandise storage units.

The second largest area of spending relate to the Men’s and Women’s First Team expenditure, particularly high this month due to players coach hire for the Manchester trip in August – the costs were split equally across both teams (£800 each) though many players have paid for their seat. Training pitch hire amounted to £955.00 for the Men’s First team and £2,400.12 for the Women’s First team. Young Tons committee spent £428.73 on pitch hire.Other significant spending includes match day committee storage costs of £300, and the production of membership cards for £239.58.

The Club’s income in July also increased back to its usual levels at £11,249.30 after a dip in income last month at £7,145.85

This was largely because of merchandise £4,832.97 (after the deduction of PayPal fees of £211.83) as well as match day donations which totalled £372.27 for the Men’s first team from home friendlies, £200 for the Women’s 4 session and £50 for Young Tons session donations. Other donations totalled £865.77 and regular standing orders totalled £36.20 (£38.00 less fees of £1.80).

In July, we also received membership fees totalling £4,680.26 (after deduction of PayPal fees of  £264.74). July was another big month for membership, down 10 subscriptions from 20/21 (£40) but evened out by donations being up £41.11 for the same time last year.

As of 30 June 2021, CCFC’s active membership stands at 1585, which fell from 1643 last month. There were 359 total renewals vs 395 (-9.11%) and new members were down from 88 to 41 (-53.41%). As it stands, 72 members allowed their subscriptions to expire vs 34 in 2020 (+111.76%).

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately, In July, we collected £1,394.60

from the sales of our merchandise and spent £904.68, this means that we are owed £489.92 for the month of July by HM Revenue & Customs.


We have recorded Hardship Fund income and spending separately and in July 2021, the income and spending for the Hardship Fund was:

Donations received for CCFC supporters£193.30
Payments made from Hardship Fund£500

In total, £13,673.44 has been received and £13,622 has been paid out so far from the Hardship Fund from March 2020 to the end of July 2021. The remaining balance is thus £51.44

The club’s full income and expenditure for July 2021 is as follows: 


Merchandise*  £4,832.97
Membership** £4,680.26 
Men’s first team donations £372.27 
Young Tons session donations £50.00 
Women’s 5s session donations £200.00 
Monthly direct debit donations*** £36.20 
Other donations £865.77 

*After a total of  £211.83 fees
**After  £264.74 fees
*** After £1.80 fees

Hardship Fund

Income £193.30 
Expenditure £500.00 
Total received since March 2020 £13,673.44 
Total paid out since March 2020 £13,622.00 
Balance £51.44 


Club Board

FA public liability insurance £16.00 

Communications Committee

Production of winter scarves £1,719.00 
Materials for merchandise storage units £781.66 
Import charges for merchandise £509.35 
PayPal fees on sales £211.83 
Publicity costs £32.89 
Online costs £3.49 

Finance Committee

Accounting software £25.50 

League Liaison Committee

League subscriptions £100.00 
Competition registration £85.00 

Matchday Committee

Storage costs £300.00 

Men’s Development Team Committee

Pitch hire £130.00 
Coaching fees £75.00 
Refreshments £15.00 

Young Tons Committee

Pitch hire £428.73 
Key cutting £5.00 

Men’s First Team

Pitch hire £955.00 
Players travel coach hire for Manchester £800.00 
Pitch hire for pre-season friendlies £700.00 
Footballs £116.13 
Training equipment £69.93 
Match official costs £20.00 
Key cutting £5.00 

Women’s First Team

Training pitch hire £2,400.12 
Players travel coach hire for Manchester £800.00 

Membership Committee

Membership Cards £239.58 
TOTAL CCFC Expenditure £10,754.21 

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