Verity Phillips

Verity Phillips
5ft 8in
Current Team
Clapton CFC women’s development, Clapton CFC women’s first team

Full Name: Verity Phillips
Place of Birth: Leigh-on-Sea
Where you live: Hoxton
Day job: Senior Consultant within Marketing & Media
Previous clubs: Goal Diggers FC
All time favourite player: Eden Hazard
Favourite team, apart from Clapton CFC: Chelsea (soz)
Biggest high in football: Winning a tournament and being able to consume beer throughout
Lowest point in football: Spraining my ankle by tripping over nothing and being out for two months (not related to the above)
Likes and hobbies: Small friendly ginger cats. Hanging out with small friendly ginger cats.
Dislikes: Weak showers
Favourite country visited: USA (San Francisco)
Favourite food: Mac and Cheese with crispy pancetta
Favourite film: Ratatouille
Favourite music: I would say Avril Lavigne – Let Go is an important album of our time
Favourite TV: Ashamedly, probably Love Island
Footballing ambition: To score a header. Still hasn’t happened
Person you’d most like to meet: Adele – she seems like a hoot