Gill Scott

Clapton… well, after all these years in exile in Hull I’m still an East London girl at heart. I’ve known about Clapton ant and The Old Spotted Dog for a long time – I went to school in Wanstead, just across the Flats.

When I heard through the grapevine about Clapton CFC starting up I just knew I had to get involved, even if it is at long distance.

I love football and West Ham, but the distance of football today, especially the Premier League with the vast amounts of money around , from it’s original working class roots is pretty depressing.

In Clapton I can be part of a club which not only has a wonderful ethos, but is truly run by the fans, for the fans, and is embedded in the community.

No pasaran – they shall not pass – as an anti-fascist rallying call is sadly more relevant today than ever.

They’re not just empty words for CCFC either – just as friends in Hull campaigned for, and erected, a monument to the 10 Hull men and woman who went to Spain to join the International Brigades in their fight against Franco’s forces , I love that Clapton CFC are working with the International Brigades Memorial Trust to erect a memorial in honour of Newham’s IB volunteers.

A club with the community engagement and the culture of Clapton is a very special thing and needs to be cherished – our club is a shining light in what can be a very gloomy world.

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