Emily Link

Emily Link
5ft 8in
Current Team
Clapton CFC women’s development, Clapton CFC women’s first team

Full Name: Emily Jayne Link
Place of Birth: Birmingham
Where you live: North London
Day job: Learning and Development Consultant
Previous clubs: AFC Stoke Newington, Bristol University, Birmingham City, Solihull Ladies
All time favourite player: Lucy Bronze
Favourite team, apart from Clapton CFC: Birmingham City Women’s FC
Biggest high in football: Beating Walton Casuals in 2018/19 season
Lowest point in football: Lionesses losing to USA in 2019 World Cup
Likes and hobbies: Keepie Uppies and peanut butter
Dislikes: Comments like: ‘wow, they’re good for a girl (in reference to footballing ability), tinsel
Favourite country visited: Australia
Favourite food: Peanut butter
Favourite film: Bend it like Beckham
Favourite music: Adele
Footballing ambition: To play the best football I can with a team I love
Person you’d most like to meet: David Beckham