Lenny Holmes

Lenny Holmes
5ft 1in
Current Team
Clapton CFC women’s development, Clapton CFC women’s first team

Full Name: Elena (Lenny) Holmes
Place of Birth: Exeter, the sweet green hills of Devon
Where you live: Islington
Day job: Tech PR
Previous clubs: Bristol University, Exeter City, Exmouth Amateurs
All time favourite player: Iniesta
Favourite team, apart from Clapton CFC: Sunderland AFC, greatest team to have graced the planet (my dad’s from the North you see).
Biggest high in football: Winning against league leaders Walton last season to secure promotion
Lowest point in football: When Sunderland lost to Charlton in the league one playoff final at Wembley – heartbreak yet again for the Black Cats but maybe another Netflix documentary to come?
Likes and hobbies: football, running at dawn or dusk, reading, writing, trying not to kill cacti, dog-spotting, walking up mountains, walking down mountains
Dislikes: losing football matches, celery, capitalism, Brexit, The Man, the City, the patriarchy
Favourite country visited: Vietnam
Favourite food: Pad Thai
Favourite film: Lord of the Rings (The Return of the king), but I’m more of a book gal
Favourite music: Fleetwood Mac have some bangers
Favourite TV: Fleabag
Footballing ambition: Winning
Person you’d most like to meet: From the past: Virginia Woolf, from the present: Megan Rapinoe