Jack Francis answers your questions after hitting 100 competitive Clapton CFC games

Men’s first team captain and goalkeeper Jack Francis becomes the third CCFC player to hit 100 competitive appearances after defender Dean Bouho and player-manager Geoff Ocran.

Jack said: “Four years have flown by. Just the two seasons affected by COVID. Shout out to the real ones that remember my league debut at Wadham Lodge in a 2-0 win against Sporting Hackney.

“Home games have always been an event, whether it was at Wadham Lodge, the Stray Dog, or back home at the OSD. Away games more for the hardcore, 3-1 away at PFC Victoria in minus temperatures, hopefully never having to travel to Larkspur’s farm pitch ever again, and the less said about Brentham the better.

“League wins. Cup wins. Impromptu visits to Walthamstow Trade Hall. All contributing to glorious Saturdays. A big thank you to everyone I’ve shared the pitch with, and the management team for consistently choosing a 5ft 9 goalkeeper. Here’s to another 100.”

We asked on social media for your questions for Jack – here are his answers…

What was your best save and was it Samurai away?
That’s a proper fan there. It would have been a fantastic own goal from Love Island’s Jordan Odofin. Either that save or a few against NW London which I’m sure they’re still annoyed about.

What does the goalkeeper see from their position, how a game develops, differently from how the outfield players see it?
You can see all the spaces on the pitch so it’s trying to pass on that information during the match or trying to exploit it yourself. It’s also mostly misjudging how difficult the chances we miss are, but luckily getting to watch back on Veo. 20 yards out on an angle looks like 10 yards out in the middle of the goal from my position.

Who is your goalkeeping role model?
Fashion wise, Sebastien Frey. Playing wise, Iker Casillas. Lifestyle wise, Mark Bosnich.

How do you fit in all the football?
I don’t really, resulting in many Sophie’s choice moments throughout the week. You have to keep playing until you physically can’t, as you’ll regret it in later life, but I’m also excited to continue my coaching journey.

Where would you like to see us as a club after 200 games?
Will probably be this season given the number of games we have! Short term goals: more pints on draft in the clubhouse, a new goalkeeper kit and a committee whose sole responsibility is to plan a pre-season tour abroad.

Does it make you proud that this club has got huge appeal across the globe because of what it stands for?
Obviously proud of a lot of things that we’ve done together and through adversity. Also proud that people from across the world show an interest because of shared values. But we have so much more to do especially within the communities that make up the majority of our men’s first team squad and East London.

Where do you think the first teams will finish this season?
Men’s team in mid-table mediocrity until a late play-off push. Women’s team promoted.

You’ve got a Moomin tattoo. Why?
My Mum’s nickname for me when I was younger as a fat little hippo. My sister also often describes me as a Moomintroll. Emphasis on the troll.

Is there a story behind your Metro Moomin handle on Twitter?
A jeu de mots on Metro Boomin’ whose album I was listening to when I felt a need for a change. JackFrancis isn’t edgy enough.

How good was your dad Jim back in the day?
At football? No idea. Apparently an old fashioned centre forward who outshone Michael Thomas in a pre-season friendly. Man like Jim was a ridiculous No.8 at rugby though.

What are your favourite fashion labels?
If it’s bright and a pastel colour, I’ll probably wear it, but mostly live in club tracksuits. I’m not a Real Housewife of Clapton just yet…