Clapton CFC 3 Stonewall FC 0: Men’s first team hit the ground running as it’s au revoir to Stu Purcell

Let’s set the scene. Club representatives working tirelessly to make sure the game goes ahead, the sun shining high in the sky, is there enough water, do we need pickle juice (it’s for cramp supposedly!!) The football world was not at ease as temperatures were meant to hit over 30 degrees. Do the leagues postpone, move the kick off times, just carry on? Well, all trains (well that’s not true as there was a train strike – up the workers) were heading to Walthamstow for this east London derby. Clapton had announced 8 new signings, who, what … where.

The Stray Dog looked the driest its ever been as the two teams warmed up before the 12 noon kick off time.

There were debuts for Junia Charlton, Bailey Pryce and Greg Moorse with Suleyman Zahmoul taking his place on the bench.  

From kick off, Clapton Community were attacking towards the trees. For context it was hot, really hot.

Five minutes in and a mistimed tackle gave Clapton Community a free kick, some 25 yards from goal, just to the right of the D. Ah yes this is James Briggs territory. He stepped up and hit it straight into the wall. 

It was still hot.

The two teams traded blows, Stonewall were compact, and their right winger was causing a few problems down that side. Arthur Wright and Noah Adejokun were switching wings but coming up against a resolute Stonewall defence. We had a water/ drinks break 25 minutes in and it was still hot.

The Stray Dog scaffold was in good voice as the clock ticked on and half time approached.

With 43 minutes on the clock, the Stonewall left back lost control of the ball midway in his half. Clapton Community new signing Moorse put in a firm challenge, won the ball, looked up and seeing the keeper off his line, let fly. Breaths held, eyes skywards the ball sailed into the net. One nil Clapton Community. 

Half time (It was still hot.)

The second half started with Clapton Community attacking the scoreboard end. No changes at half-time.

Clapton Community were moving effortlessly from a two up top to three, with Fred Taylor, Noah Adejokun and Moorse giving the Stonewall defence more to think about. The ball was won in midfield, Taylor made a run down the right flank, the wall was played into his path, he looked up … the Stonewall keeper was in no-man’s land again and Taylor lifted the ball over him, on the angle into the net, Two nil.

It was still hot.

Clapton Community began to make a few changes with Briggsy taking a well deserved break.

Noah Adejokun was all over the pitch, winning the wall in midfield, sending Taylor away down the right. Taylor beat the defender before crossing into the box. The ball eluded the chasing defenders and Clapton Community attackers, however Moorse arrived just inside the box, finding his feet, struck the ball goalwards and through the keeper and into the back of the net.

Clapton Community 3 Stonewall 0 … it was still hot.

Further subs were made, young Zahmoul making a dazzling cameo (word up) and just before the end Jack Francis was called upon to make a save. Clapton Community were able to see out the last few minutes without any scares.

There game finished with a Clapton Community 3-0 win.

It was still hot.

Given the recent announcement that assistant manager Stu Purcell was leaving for Belfast, this was a good way to send him off. Stu led the players through the post game chants, and a few tears were shed (although it could have been sweat …. It was still hot.)

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