June 2021 income and expenditure

The month of June was quieter in terms of football with a couple of successful post-season friendlies. It also saw a competition to design a new home shirt and great progress at the Old Spotted Dog.

As a result, the club’s committees spending decreased from £10,528.03 in May (mainly due to merchandise costs), down to £2,999.40 in June. The largest areas of spending remains related to merchandise: £658.72 including £459.64 on postage of orders and £195.59 on PayPal fees on sales. The second largest area relates to Young Tons (£639.96) as they bought some footballs and folding goal posts and had a total pitch hire of £338,94. Other significant spending includes pitch hire for Women’s First Team of £465.00, and players insurance for 2021-2022 of £441.25.

Our income in June was also reduced from £12,980.62 last month to £7,145.85, back to its April level. This was largely made of income from merchandise of £4,628.39 (after the deduction of PayPal fees of £195.59), but includes Young Tons session donations £993.87 and Women’s 5s sessions donations £600, regular standing orders of £36.20 (£38.00 less fees of £1.80)and other income totalling £102.82.

In June, we also received membership fees totalling £552.18 (after deduction of PayPal fees of £32.82). This year there has been a noticeable jump in renewals for the second half of June, compared to usually low numbers at this time of year. With 58 subscriptions (up 346.15%), including 42 renewals, as well as more new members (16) than total subscriptions (13) for the same period in 2020. As of 30 June 2021, CCFC’s active membership stands at 1643, which fell from 1715 last month.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately, In June, we collected £441.95

from the sales of our merchandise and can claim back £734.59 from VAT added to purchases made by the club and by the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust. This means that we are owed £292.64 for the month by HM Revenue & Customs.


We have recorded Hardship Fund income and spending separately and in June 2021, the income and spending for the Hardship Fund was:

Donations received for CCFC supporters£57.71
Payments made from Hardship Fund£0

In total, £13,615.73 has been received and £13,122 has been paid out so far from the Hardship Fund from March 2020 to the end of June 2021.

The club’s full income and expenditure for June 2021 is as follows:


Restricted grants£200.00
Monthly direct debit donations**£36.20
Women’s 5s session donations£600.00
Young Tons session donations£993.87
Interest on reserves£32.39
Other income£102.82


* After £32.82 fees

** After £1.80 fees


Club Board
Players insurance for 2021-22£441.25
Online meeting costs£72.00


Communications Committee
MailChimp credits£32.11

Finance Committee
Accounting software£25.50

League Liaison Committee

Disciplinary fines£64.00

Matchday Committee
Equipment costs£72.57

Membership Committee
Upgrade to membership admin software£248.29

Men’s First Team Committee
Kit laundry£180.00
Merchandise Committee
PayPal fees on sales£195.59
Online store costs£3.49

Women’s First Team Committee
Pitch hire£465.00
Young Tons Committee
Pitch bookings at Forest Gate School£270.00
Folding goal posts£107.97
Pitch hire for U8s£68.94
Refreshments for Young Tons sessions£20.70

TOTAL CCFC Expenditure£2,999.40


Expenditure on our new home is managed by the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust (OSDGT), the subsidiary company we set up. However, like the club, spending will appear on the OSDGT website and for transparency, here are the figures for June 2021:


Geotech survey and report£2,752.00
Architects fees£1,840.00
Loan repayment for purchase of the ground£1,108.69
CCTV system£249.99
Bat survey£188.25
Personal bar licence£37.00
Bank charges£18.00
Petrol for mowers£12.46


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