Clapton CFC Women’s First Team appoint new management team

Clapton Community FC’s Women’s First Team are happy to introduce their new management team.

After an interesting application process using Zoom and socially distant training sessions, the women’s team were able to choose a head coach, an assistant manager and an official goalkeeping coach.

Head coach – Claudio Gomes

Claudio Gomes has been coaching for nearly 10 years with both male and female teams across various age groups.

Before joining Clapton CFC he was head coach for Regents Park FC’s men’s side.

Claudio has helped clubs grow from the ground up, and whilst gaining practical experience, he has also been completing his studies, which includes FA badges and 2 degrees.

He is currently finishing his master’s in Performance Football Coaching, which has provided him with great knowledge in both the ‘hands-on’ and analytical aspects of the game.

When asked what his goal for the season is, Claudio told us that

The main aim is to give the team an identity, providing the players with the confidence to play an organised and attractive style of football that our fans can enjoy. I want people to look forward to coming to watch us and to be excited by what they see. To do that, I first have to make sure that the players are enjoying their roles and once we’ve got that sorted, the rest, in terms of results, will take care of itself. My priority is to get the team to the top end of the table. We’ve got some really talented players here and a lot of expectation from the fans, so I want to make sure we live up to that.

Claudio’s thoughts on being part of Clapton CFC:

The clue is in the name. This club is all about the community and I’m so proud to be representing Clapton CFC and all of the people who make it so great. I have spent time learning about the history and values, which attracted me to the club massively. I look forward to playing a part in what is a diverse, forward-thinking football club and am excited about what we can achieve together.

Assistant Manager – Brian Bramble

Those who have followed our 5s team will know of Brian Bramble.

Together with Ellie and Julie, he helped our the team to go from big defeats in pre-season to dominating the Super5 League. 

Brian has over 12 years experience running teams, and has successfully built teams from scratch that have gone on to winning trophies and seen great player development.

He also set up football for girls at his daughter’s primary school, where there previously was none.

Brian has told us that

I see my role within the management team of where I am able to forge a good relationship with Claudio and Jack and to share ideas with dedication and passion so that we can add to the team both on and off the pitch. In order to see success for the team it is important that we work well together. I believe I still have a lot to offer to assist the management team.

My goal for this season is for the team to develop a strong team spirit that has an identity whereby Clapton Community Women’s can lay down foundations to go from strength to strength. I want to see us winning as many games as possible that also reflects who we are in terms of our conduct, respect, dedication, hard work and style. We have more chance of achieving this if the management reflects this too.

Goalkeeping Coach/Assistant Manager – Jack Francis

CCFC’s Men’s First Team goalkeeper Jack Francis was a big part of the women’s first team last season, volunteering much of his free time to be available at training and on game days, both home and away.  

Jack has been invaluable in the development of the women’s first team goalkeepers, and they, as well as the rest of the team could not be more pleased to have him officially on board.

Jack has told us that

My role within the management team is primarily being responsible for delivering a goalkeeper coaching programme and overseeing the development of goalkeepers within the women’s first team, incorporating the playing philosophy that the head coach wants to implement this season. Also to provide assistance and feedback to the management on match days.

My goal is to continuously look to identify opportunities for the keepers to improve, through planned sessions and analysis, in order to provide competitive competition for the number one shirt. Also a specific goal this season of being more responsible for being the starting point of our attacking plays and keeping possession with our distribution.

The women’s team are currently recruiting new players to strengthen the squad further, and will play friendlies (starting tomorrow, 16 August) in the build-up to the return of competitive football on 13 September.

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