Clapton CFC face masks available to pre-order again

Good news! Clapton CFC face masks in home and away colours are available to pre-order again for a second short period.

Four designs in three sizes are available to pre-order from our online store here.

Please remember you are pre-ordering a product which needs to be made first.

They may take up to 12 weeks to arrive though we will try our best to be as quick as possible.

Rather than make money from this, both Clapton CFC and the manufacturers Rage Sport are working on a non-profit basis.

Our share – at least £1 per mask sold – is being used to buy further unbranded masks from Rage Sport to donate.

Rage Sport are providing an extra 20% free for us to donate to partner organisations too.

Thanks to our generous supporters we donated a total of 618 masks in the first ordering period.

Any questions, email


  1. You guys, are great.
    Thanks for remembering the fight against fascism and the international brigades,
    No pasaran!
    Greetings from Barcelona.

  2. Hello,
    I love your masks! Please, could you say me where can I buy them? I’m looking for in your online store and I can see nothing about them.

    Please, could you help me?
    I would like to buy some packs for my friends (We are Spanish 😉 )

    And thanks for your great idea, as a Football Club, as principles, as leaders… It’s a great initiative!
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Is it posible to get a mask or two for Berlin Germany?
    And what where the price?
    Thanx and Greats

  4. Well done Clapton from Switzerland/Malaga/Donostia
    No Pasaran!
    We’ll be buying those shirts and face masks with the Republican flag!
    Enhorabuena, zorionak!

  5. Can’t believe i missed the boat! Please tell me you will be doing more. With new requirements in public places charities need even more face masks donated to stop people being fined on public transport etc. Plus you masks are extremely cool!

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