Clapton Community FC: Anti-racism statement

Clapton Community FC is an anti-fascist club built on values of solidarity, cooperation and equality. We continue to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and all work striving to dismantle racism. We reaffirm our efforts as a club to overcome centuries of racial injustice and bring down the structures and systems that disproportionately harm Black people in Britain and around the world. 

The club takes a zero-tolerance stance on racism and will hold to account any individual that enacts racist attitudes or behaviours in any form. Everyone connected with our club – including members, players, coaches and volunteers – has a responsibility to take action against racial harassment, abuse and discrimination, and interrogate the underlying behaviours that cause this.

We believe that reacting against instances of racism is not enough, and therefore commit to taking sustained anti-racist action against the white supremacy that our society is built on. We ask all those connected with our club to learn, advocate for and amplify what it means to be anti-racist and to work wherever possible to challenge structural racism. In particular, we call on white individuals to acknowledge, unlearn, and overcome their unconscious biases, and to call out and dismantle a system from which they benefit.

We expect, without exception, all our players, members, volunteers and supporters to embody this ethos which will underpin all of our actions going forward.

We are proud of the many cultures represented within our club. We are also acutely aware of the importance of representation and commit ourselves to ensuring that all our club/teams reflect this. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at taking specific, positive actions to tackle racism and there will be opportunities to get involved in these ongoing discussions and actions. 

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