All football activity suspended due to coronavirus crisis

As you will no doubt know, the Football Assocation has advised all grassroots football should be postponed for the foreseeable future due to coronavirus.

Here’s the official situation for all our teams – though any football looks a long way away…

Men’s first team – the Middlesex County Football League is suspended until further notice.

Women’s first team – the Greater London Women’s Football League is suspended until at least April 19th.

Women’s 5s – the Super 5s League is suspended until at least April 6th.

Training – men’s team. women’s team, women and non-binary people, and Young Tons training all suspended until further notice.

We’ll try to keep everyone informed of any developments and do our best to highlight groups that could potentially help as the situation unfolds.

Clapton games are on pause, but the Clapton community isn’t going anywhere.

Times ahead will be difficult for many but as members, players, supporters and followers of CCFC, let’s try and do our bit to support each other and any groups that may need or be able to offer their help.

Check with your neighbours, charities and local organisations – find out what’s needed and (if able) how you can help and how they can (if needed) help you, your friends and your families.

There’s some really helpful advice here on how to find mutual aid groups in your local communities, check in with family and friends and don’t forget to be mindful of current NHS advice. 

We also encourage those of you who are fit and able to engage with local mutual aid groups to see if anyone needs any help.

You can search for something in your area on Facebook. There are some useful links on this page.

Stay safe Tons, follow advice and help each other whenever you can.

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