Clapton CFC Hardship Fund launched

Clapton CFC is a member owned and run community football club. 

As a community we want to help our members who will be struggling financially due to the impact of the coronavirus.

We are setting up a ‘hardship fund’ with the aim of raising £5,000 in donations and distributing the money to members in financial need.

We are asking members who can afford it to support our appeal by donating the money they would have spent watching a Clapton CFC game.

This could be the £3 you donate on admission; £5 admission & programme; £10 admission and transport costs; £20+ including celebratory post-match Tyskies! The choice is yours.

The idea is to help Clapton CFC members during this crisis by appealing to those who will continue to receive a regular income to donate generously to support those within our membership who will be hit hard financially by recent events. 

Of course, we are thinking about the unemployed, those made redundant or on benefits, but also the self-employed, those on zero-hour contracts or freelancers who suddenly find they have a dramatically reduced income (and, as yet, no clear government support). 

There will be no restriction placed on how the money is used. The idea is to provide some short-term, cashflow relief to those in most need. 

In short, we want to help and that depends on how many members can assist. Obviously not everyone can donate at this difficult time but those who can please donate generously

Our aim was to £1,000 initially but the more money we raise, the more members we can help – so we have increased our target to £5,000. We will distribute the fund on a first in/first out basis.

As a club, as a community, we know this isn’t a complete solution and that we won’t be able to help everyone. However, by coming together we can make a small, short-term difference to some of our members lives.

We encourage those members who can, to give what you can afford.

Once a Ton, always a Ton!


Donate what you’d spend at a match:

  •  £3 admission 
  •  £5 admission & programme
  •  £10 admission, programme, travel costs
  •  £20+ all of the above, plus some celebratory, post-match Tyskie.

Donate on the GoFundMe page.

How to claim funds

Email or find out more about the application process.

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