February 2020 income and expenditure

In February 2020, the club spent a massive £30,619.51 – but before anyone starts to panic, 70% of this was planned for and included £18,965.61 in corporation tax on our merchandise sales in 2018-19 and payment of a further £2,773.22 in VAT we collected from sales between October and December 2019.

That’s right: lowly Clapton CFC currently pays more taxes than nearly two thirds of Championship sides, contributing in a small way to the costs of the infrastructure, NHS hospitals and local football pitches that we all use.

Our main monthly expenditure was £8,880.68, with the largest portion (£2,010) covering the latest instalment of the pitch hire at Wadham Lodge for the Women’s First Team.

The other significant expenditure covered solicitor’s fees (£1,545) for our negotiations over the Old Spotted Dog Ground and costs for new merchandise, primarily goalkeepers shirts (£1,509.60).

We have also paid for the registration of the Women’s 5-a-side team to play in a tournament in Amsterdam at the end of May.

Our income in February was £10,723.58. The largest proportion of this was £7,387.63 from merchandise sales, which remain healthy for the second month of 2020.


Women’s first team pitch hire£2,010.00
Solicitors fees£1,545.00
Merchandise: goalkeepers' shirts£1,509.60
Matchday security£475.20
Postage for merchandise£449.28
Women’s 5s tournament registration£420.00
Programme printing£394.00
Match officials£347.00
Leaflet printing£269.00
Printing stickers£245.29
Assorted pitch hire£240.00
Printing "Ton!" books£194.00
Food for players£115.00
Kit laundry£73.00
Expenses for homeless project event£64.96
Mailing bags and labels£61.51
Players personal accident insurance£58.94
Disciplinary fines£43.75
Online store subscription£35.00
Young Tons refreshments£33.10
Accounting software£28.80
Banner materials£11.33
Replacement Socks£10.00
Refreshments for players£6.00


Match day donations£1,690.00
Young Tons session donations£472.96
Monthly direct debit donations£100.20
Donations for Women's 5 sessions£88.20
Player sponsorship*£38.40
*after fees

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