Programme cover design: Phil

Find out about the design of the next programme, on sale at the men’s team games on February 15th (Larkspur Rovers) and 22nd (Brentham) and the women’s team games on February 16th (Brentford) and 23rd (Hampton & Richmond Borough).

It’s volunteer week at Clapton CFC, so I volunteered to do the programme cover.

Usually I’m the person messaging the illustrators we’ve had this season, trying to organise what goes in this space and then sending it to Joe, our very talented programme designer five minutes before it goes to print.

I wanted to screen print this cover because it’s a very hands on process, which is how I view being part of Clapton.

From when you’re greeted on the gate, to singing in the crowd to shaking hands with the players at the end, it’s a very immediate personal experience.

So hand printing these covers, especially for this, the volunteer issue seemed like a fitting cover.

Aside from booking the talent for the programme cover, I also help run the Young Tons training session, something which a year ago I could never have imagined.

Another reason to screen print the cover is because I didn’t have a clue how to, so, like helping run a football club, it’s a skill you need to learn.

Whether it’s travelling to deepest Essex on a Monday night to do a safeguarding course, running an online shop that sells a shirt more popular than most Premier League away shirts, or learning what you have to do at a disciplinary hearing when the assistant manager gets sent off for swearing at the ref – it’s all a big, hugely enjoyable learning curve for every one of our members.

The great thing about being a volunteer is the feeling that you are helping build something amazing, which gives so many people joy and a place to go.

I urge you to have a look through the different committees that help run this special club and get involved.

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