January 2020 income and expenditure

In January 2020, Clapton CFC spent £6,163.58, with a large portion of this (£1,895) covering a block booking for a training pitch for the Women’s First Team and indoor hall booking for training for the Women’s 5-a-side team.

The other significant expenditure covered postage for sending our merchandise orders (£1,431.32) and some replacement kit for the Men’s First Team (£514.25).

Unfortunately, a burglary at the home of a member of the Finance Committee over Christmas period meant that the entire Women’s First Team petty cash of £450 was stolen. Replacing this is part of the expenditure figures for the month.

Our income in January was £11,999.52. The largest proportion of this was £8,462.88 from merchandise sales, which have remained steady since the reopening of our online store.

During the last month there has been just one Men’s First Team game (against PFC Victoria on 11 January) and one Women’s First Team game (against Dulwich Hamlet Reserves on 19 January). Despite this, we still raised £1,760.80 in match-day donations.

The £200 refund for the replayed Runwell Spots game held on 2 November 2019 was negotiated with the Essex FA by our League Liaison Committee and covers part of the costs for coach hire.


Training pitch hire£1,895.00
Kit for men's first team£514.25
Theft of petty cash£450.00
Match day security£356.40
Printing programmes£350.00
Coach hire£325.00
Match day officials£208.00
Merchandise order: CCFC patches£154.80
Membership cards£108.66
Food for players£107.50
Kit laundry£60.00
FA welfare and safeguarding training courses£55.00
Online store subscription£35.00
Disciplinary fines£30.00
Accounting software subscription£28.80
Players refreshments£6.00
Officials refreshments£2.96


Match day donations£1,760.80
Donations from Young Tons weekly sessions£418.05
Refund of costs for replayed Runwell game£200.00
Donations for Women's 5 sessions£162.50
Monthly direct debit donations£100.20
Player sponsorship*£33.73
*after fees

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