Update on plans for International Brigades memorial in Newham

Clapton CFC are working closely with the International Brigades Memorial Trust to erect a monument in memory of local volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.

At our Annual General Meeting in June, members unanimously voted to put aside £4,000 in upgrading the current memorial to a memorial stone in West Ham Park for the (at least) 11 people from Newham who fought in the International Brigades.

Unfortunately the City of London has since rejected the proposal, so we will be looking for an alternative venue. 

The design can be seen above. The base is 108cm x 45cm and the main part is 90cm x 90cm. It will have gold lettering and a Brigade badge.

Newham Council could be approached with the idea of a memorial in Stratford or it could be housed in the Old Spotted Dog Ground now that we have been offered the lease.

At the AGM, it was also suggested that a banner be produced with the names of those soldiers and that an annual event be held at the memorial when it finally comes to fruition.

The cost comes from the proceeds of sales of the away shirt we produced which pays tribute to the International Brigades in the colours of the Spanish Republic.


  1. I like the idea of the banner with the names of the soldiers.
    Yes, it is so important to pursue the authorities to allow a memorial. Perhaps these suggested the Old Spotted Dog could be a temporary home until the council can be persuaded. A visit by a delegation from Clapton CFC to the decision makers maybe?

    I’m down here in North Devon coming up with ideas for others to carry out. I wil, however contribute by writing a letter to the appropriate person/committee if that’s helpful. Will need name(s) etc.

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