Clapton CFC free weekly women’s open training for ‘lost generation’ and beginners

Clapton CFC is offering free training sessions for women and non-binary people every week.

The sessions take place every Tuesday at 7pm at Mabley Green in Hackney., having recently moved from Hackney Downs

All ages and abilities welcome, but particularly beginners and those returning to the game.

Women in their 40s and 50s, who were never able to play at school, are particularly welcome.

Having been running for a few weeks now, Ellie Guedella told us how they’re going so far…

It’s about fitness, wellbeing, fun and most importantly the beautiful game.

We do a warm up and some fitness first then some technical training.

Some of us are still learning to kick cleanly some working on turns and spins.

Then we play a game but they have to complete three passes before they can shoot so they have to work together.

The team spirit is already developing. It is pretty likely we will have a team ready to go into the beginners super5 league in January. 

The ages range from 22 to 56. Some got to play a bit in primary, some never even got that.

There is a lost generation of women born before 1981 as we were born under the FA ban.

It was technically lifted in the 70s but no women actually got access to pitches before 1981.

Most have stories of always wanting to play.

All are absolutely loving it. The amount of thank you messages I get was a bit overwhelming at first.

Interested in joining? Just come down to Mabley Green on a Tuesday for 7pm. Bring trainers or blades as it’s a 3G pitch. It’s free.

Any queries, you can email Ellie on

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