June 2019 income and expenditure

In June 2019, Clapton CFC spent only £1,632.30.

With no games it has been a quiet month and most of this expenditure has been on team equipment, extra merchandise, registrations and other preparations for the coming season.

There was also some costs (£199.00) for our AGM on 22 June and a fine related to our Jim Rogers President’s Cup final appearance on 13 April – more on this soon.

Total income in May 2019 was £5,296.98, which included a substantial donation from Barcelona City Council for men’s first team trip to the city in April.


Training equipment £506.77
Production of CCFC badges£350.40
AGM costs£199.00
Production of CCFC stickers£147.78
Postage of merchandise£115.88
Disciplinary fines£90.00
Website costs£65.99
Middlesex FA Premier Cup registration£45.00
Essex FA club affiliation and team fees £35.00
Banner fabric £35.00
BBC Essex Cup registration£27.00
Accounting software£14.48


Donation towards from Barcelona City Council for trip in April£2,605.43
Merchandise £1,731.35
Membership £461.95
Fees from Young Tons’ training sessions £412.85
Standing order donations£84.40
Other misc donations £5.00

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