In pictures: Clapton CFC matchday programme covers for 2018/9 season

Clapton CFC’s comms team put a lot of effort into the matchday programme, including a new eye-catching front cover design each match.

We called out for artists/designers/illustrators to put themselves forward to design one of the covers and the response was amazing.

You can read more about the programme with our in-depth interview with Ed of, who has taken the lead putting the programmes together.

And you can now read our programmes from cover to cover as PDFs online for free.

But on this page you will find all the front covers from the 2018/9 season.

If you want to try your hand and design a cover, email us at or through our social media channels. We’ll get in touch and give you access to a load of assets so you can go wild.

If design isn’t your thing but you want to contribute with the articles, views, photography, illustration, recipes, tips or interpretive modern dance, drop us an email too.


Cover by Acid FC – – @weareacidfc on Instagram.


Cover by Acid FC – – @weareacidfc on Instagram.

THE CURVE – 20/04/19

In a break from the norm, this one features a photo, to commemorate winning silverware against Hilltop.

The front page cover photo is by our regular matchday photographer, Max Reeves.

NW LONDON – 03/04/19

Cover by Mark from From 12 Yards – @from12yards on Instagram.

Mark said: “The piece was influenced by the graphic elements from the CCFC shirts, crest and football itself… and the arrangement symbolises the inclusivity and integrity of the club.”


Cover by illustrator Gavin Parker – @gavinparkerart on Instagram

STONEWALL FC – 16/02/19

Cover by Adam Forster@adamforsterillustration on Instagram


Cover by Alex Brown – –  @lxbrwn on Instagram.


Cover by Acid FC – – @weareacidfc on Instagram.

FC STAR LONDON – 05/01/19

View this post on Instagram

Really proud to have illustrated the first program cover of the year for the historic @claptoncfc . . These guys are special, this wholly community owned and operated club has an amazing 140 year history (check their site…it is legit amazing!) and continue to actively confront racism, discrimination and far-right politics within football. Here’s a part of their mission statement… . . “Clapton Football Club Limited is committed to confronting and eliminating discrimination whether by reason of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability and to encourage equal opportunities.” . . . Google their away kit, aside being a stunner it celebrates the British volunteers who fought fascism in the Spanish civil war. . . Wish I could be at the Old Spotted Dog Ground this weekend (the oldest senior ground in London…the “Tons” have played there since 1888!) but for those of you who’ll be at the E17 derby, pick up a copy of this program for 2 quid and help continue the legacy of this important piece of football history. . . Swipe 👉👉👉 for a few process sketches/outtakes . . #comeonyoutons #grassroots #antifa #football #soccer #nonleague #nopasaran #civilrights #oldspotteddogground #clapton #hackney #e17 #london #eastlondon #walthamstow #footballshirt #design #illustration #art #graphicdesign #collage #collageart #edit #programme #footballprogramme #cover #programmecover #threepointedstar

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We started 2019 with this belting cover by The Sporting Press. Check out their work over on Instagram at @the_sporting_press

Ealing Town – 15/12/18

This was a special edition of the programme, put together by women only. Cover by Carmen Domingo –

Carmen said: “So proud of all the women involved in putting together this programme, really happy to see how it turned out.

One of the great things about our club is the spirit of inclusiveness and the diversity of our supporters in London and beyond.

“Here’s something to celebrate all the fans at Clapton CFC, while shining a light on the female tons in particular.”

EASTFIELD – 01/12/18

Cover by our own goalkeeper Vlad Bendovskyy – @bendo_tattoo on Instagram.

Vlad said: “I thought of this design for the programme to represent what Clapton CFC means to me. It’s not only a team to support on Saturdays.

“It is a sort of safe space open to everyone, joyful and uniting, where people go not just to watch a football game but to find other people with similar ideals, creating that incredible family sensation.

“The idea of the two main figures to be father and son came natural to me after I noticed how many kids have been involved lately, which I think is amazing.

“I decided to set the image in the late 19th century to celebrate the history of Clapton (and because I liked the idea of a sort of nostalgic “good old days”).

“The combination between the figures and the set is meant to represent the perpetuity of ideas through generations, “from father to son”.

“I am really happy and proud for the opportunity of doing this and I tried to do something that is linked to my tattooing style, so it really is my personal celebration of Clapton CFC.”


Cover by Bryan Mayes – @bartcollective on Instagram.

Bryan said: “Here’s the cover illustration I did for Clapton CFC’s match day programme for their 11-1 tonking of Hereford Palace FC.

“An earlier draft was accidentally used for the printed cover which is a shame as the final version was more relevant to the goal-fest it turned out to be. Still really happy with how it turned out though.”

EPPING TOWN – 20/10/18

Cover by James Dawe –

James is a “Commercial Artist and Visualiser with a postmodern and eclectic approach grounded in contemporary collage and digital manipulation,”

FC ROAST – 02/10/18

Cover by Dan Evans – @danxdraws on Instagram.

Dan said: “Over the moon to have worked on programme cover. It’s a portrait of the Tons captain Eliot Crosbie about to demolish a roast dinner…”

HUTTON FC – 22/09/18

Cover by Acid FC – – @weareacidfc on Instagram.


Cover by Acid FC – – @weareacidfc on Instagram.

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