We’ve had to temporarily pause our shirt pre-orders – here’s why

It’s been a huge week for us at Clapton CFC with lots of attention from around the world for our small club. In fact we have been totally overwhelmed with the response to our new away shirt commemorating the Spanish Republic. Thanks so much to friends and comrades old and new.

We originally expected to sell around 250 shirts across this season, and we had a plan in place to deal with those. But then in the last few days our shirt has gone viral and we’ve had over 5,000 pre-orders, way beyond what we were set up to handle.

We are committed to ensuring that our shirts continue to be produced by Rage Sport in Italy, with a completely ethical supply chain, and that they can cope with the demand. Rage say they will be working full-time on making the shirts you’ve pre-ordered but as they’re a small company it’s going to take at least the next six weeks just to clear the backlog.

Because of this we have decided to take a temporary pause on shirt orders, as of 20th August. This will allow us to work out a proper, robust plan on getting the shirts made and delivered, and to deal with any returns etc. Additionally, PayPal won’t release the money you’ve all pre-paid until we start fulfilling the orders, and we need that money to pay Rage for material costs.

Remember, we’re a members-run amateur football club in the 12th tier of English football, only set up two months ago, we’re not a clothing company. and we’ve been taken completely by surprise by our amazing time in the spotlight.

For people who have already pre-ordered shirts, they will be sent out in the order they were received, depending on how early you ordered them. So if you’ve only just placed your pre-order, it is likely you won’t receive them for another 8-10 weeks.

We will reopen the pre-ordering facility as soon as we have got all our plans in place. Register your email address here to find out when that happens. We also need to work out what exactly to do with the unexpected income – but rest assured we are speaking to the International Brigades Memorial Trust about this.

Thanks for your understanding and amazing support. We’re looking forward to meeting lots of our new friends when the season kicks off later this month, away to Ealing Town on September 15, and home to Hutton FC at the Stray Dog on September 22. 


How many shirts do you have in stock?

None! Our first order was only for 30 home and 30 away shirts which, arrived for our launch event in July but quickly sold out. So since then we have been taking pre-orders which the kit manufacturers, Rage Sports.

Basically, when you pre-order a shirt, we ask Rage to one for you. Rage Sport are as excited as we are at the level of interest and they will only be producing our shirts, and nothing else, for at least the next month. 

When will pre-orders be available again?

As soon as possible. Please keep following our Twitter, Facebook and this website for further details, You can also add your email address here and we’ll alert you as soon as it’s reopened.

I’ve already pre-ordered, how long will it take to receive my shirt?

As soon as the next batch has arrived in East London, in the next few weeks, we will start sending them out to the first people who pre-ordered them. And so on and so on with each batch we receive. So the earlier you ordered, the earlier you will receive them.

We hope to have all the pre-orders made and delivered to you within two months. But please be patient with us because no-one could have expected this level of demand, Rage are a small (but brilliant) company, and we are volunteers, after all.

What sizes are available and what is the fit like?

The shirts are available in sizes from S to XXL at the moment. Want a smaller / larger one? Email us at comms@claptoncfc.co.uk and we’ll see if that size is possible from Rage Sport.

We haven’t been able to get a full sizing chart yet, but we’ve measured a couple of shirts, and they were:
L is 20” armpit to armpit, 26” front collar to bottom (40″ chest size)
XL is 21” armpit to armpit, 27” front collar to bottom (42″ chest size)

However, they’re very snug, so if you want a casual fit rather than risk it being skintight, we recommend choosing one size bigger than your usual size.

Can you ship a shirt to my country?

Yes, wherever you live in the world, you can get a shirt delivered to you. If you’re local, we also offer the opportunity to collect yours at a game for no postage costs.

Do you have a club shop in East London?

No. We are a very small club and we don’t have a physical space of our own right now. The postal address listed on our website – Durning Hall – is only for mail, The only place to buy will be online, once pre-orders reopen. 

You’ve not answered my question above!

Email merch@claptoncfc.co.uk and we’ll do our best to answer them.


    1. The previous message on [ENG]:
      I’d like to order several shirts. I’ll wait whatever it takes… from Spain we appreciate your gesture.

      PS: Lo traduzco con tu permiso, paisana 🙂

  1. Whoever came up with the design congratulations, every anti-fascist in europe could well want one, I know I do. I wish you every success both on and off the pitch.
    Hasta la victoria siempre!
    A Sunderland supporter.

  2. Bravo to all of you. Am happy to wait until ordering resumes. So happy you have sold over 4,000 shirts. No Pasaran!

  3. My son, Nick Lloyd, runs civil war tours in Barcelona and I would love to get one of your ‘No Pasaran’ shirts. I would be so grateful if you could let me know when they will be available.

  4. Fantastic shirts. Fantastic story. Three of us would like shirts. Looking forward to the shop re opening. Non Passaran! THANK YOU.

  5. Congratulations on the amount of positive coverage (and money) this has raised. Good luck for when you actually start playing.
    Looks like another club I will be following the results for 🙂
    No Pasaran
    From a Watford fan, who now regularly watches Whitehawk FC. (Solidarity to Non-League Ultras)

  6. Me avergüenza ver que un equipo de fuera rinda homenaje a sus caídos en nuestra guerra civil, y aquí no haya nadie que se atreva a hacerlo. Mi más sincera enhorabuena por esta iniciativa.

  7. Quisiera comprar la camiseta de la tercera equipacion, no pasaran , saludos desde Valencia Spain…

  8. Me and my son are big fans of AEK here in Athens, a club with a proud anti-fascist tradition. I can’t wait to wear your away shirt commemorating the heroes of the International Brigade to one of our games. I am sure the design will be a big hit in Greece, proving the far-right they are not welcome in football and showing solidarity with refugees.

  9. Any chance you can let me (and all the others who are interested) know by email when you can take orders once again? Good luck for the future. Wishing you as much success on the pitch as you’ve achieved in the fashion stakes.

  10. Me gustaría estar informado sobre como pedir la camiseta,

    Un saludo.

    Salud y república.

  11. I’m based in the USA, and we desperately need positive anti-fascist symbols. Added my name to your list. Would like to buy 70 assorted sizes to equip my entire company.

  12. ¡Que bueno! ¡Fantástico! ¡Estupendo! As an English teacher in España i could have told you these would sell faster than hot cakes in winter! You will have to double and double again that 5K order! Please place me in the line up for one.

  13. Maybe I should have read the above before ordering my replica 4 days ago. My order went through paypal without a hitch, so, I will get either the Best Replica Shirt on the planet or the worst possible option a refund. When I was a kid back in the 60’s I would go with my mother to 37 Newick Road, for a week or two every summer, where my Aunt Lily lived. The last time I was there was June 1975 as the family moved to Worplesdon Hill, the following year. There was a great pub where we would go cant remember the name but it was a Young’s pub. I was in London last year and passed through Wandsworth to discover the Ram Brewery was turned into apartments. So, can only presume that Youngs Pub is also no more.

  14. Fantastic! What an uplifting story and ray of light in these dark and confused times.
    Good luck with the forthcoming season.
    No Pasaran!

  15. Thanks for your initiative.
    There are a lot of people waiting for your Spanish Republic shirt here in Spain.
    We’ll be waiting for them.
    Please put the full sizing charts as soon as you get it

  16. Just read an article in The Guardian about Clapton Community FC, so interesting. Good luck for the future. Really want to purchase one of your Anti Facist shirts when available.

  17. your shirt has touched a nerve, we need more people to make a stand on the grounds of conscience, both in the field of anti fascism and also in ethical trading

  18. Fantastic. i only wish my father was still alive to see this. i will be following your progresswith interest from here in Andalucia. Venga, vamonos.

  19. Congratulations and acknowledgements from Alacant, in País Valencià, South East Spain. The link between sport and antifascism has been a strong one at least since the Popular Olympic Games, due to take place in Barcelona between 19th and 26th of July of 1936, opposing the official ones organized in Berlin already under the nazi regime. Just the day before the Popular Olympic Games were due to start, the fascist military coup d’état against Spanish Republic lead organizers to cancel the games. Many of the foreign athletes remained in Spain to support our people fighting against fascist troops and so becoming the first members of the International Brigades. As you know, many of them came from Great Britain.

    So, dear comrades, your initiative is a way of extending the “red thread of History” and that may well explain its unexpected success.

    Thank you very much. No doubt I’ll put an order for your beautiful away shirt.

  20. Can you advise when and how I can order one of your anti-fascist shirts. Due to international break and a holiday in Greece, the next Nottingham Forest home match I’ll be able to attend is on 03/10/18. Any chance of shirts being available by then. I fully support your idea of using football strip to combat fascism, particularly as there has recently been a resurgence of far right activity among certain football fans. Saludos companeros!

  21. Guys, If cash-flow is a problem for you please provide details where I can donate some additional money to help. I ordered online and I’m happy to wait, but I want to ensure your fantastic initiative is successful.
    No Pasaran!!

  22. What a fantastic story, I am watching with interest from New Zealand. I went to see the first game last season, but on meeting “your guys” at the gate, we of course decided not to go in. I was chuffed to read the Guardian article on CCFC and your ongoing battle for what is right and fair regarding the”Old Spotted Dog”. Fascism thrives when good people look away. I look forward to wearing your “no pasaran” shirt down under.

  23. Solidarity from Madrid! As president of the Association of Friends of the lnternational Brigades in Spain, AABI, and as the founder of AcrossMadrid (we lead antifascist Spanish Civil War tours in Madrid and Jarama), l want to order lots of these tshirts and support your initiative and your team. We all need to take a good look back at recent history in Europe and stand proud in remembrance of the International Brigade volunteers. Vivan las Brigadas lnternacionales! Viva la Republica!


    1. Hola Alicia, soy periodista, vivo en Barcelona y me gustaría poder hacer una historia para TV cuando tengas las camisetas ¿En qué ciudad estás? Te agradecería si me puedes escribir a fernandezcastilleja-arroba-gmail-com

  25. you have a new suppoter from Barcelona, I travel often to london to visit my family that lives in Walthamstow , I hope to go some local game. go clapton go!!!!!!!!

  26. Waiting for orders to be opened again… You’ve got a new supporter from Alicante! They shall not pass! Salud y República.

  27. enhorabuena por la iniciativa. No me gusta el fútbol pero quiero esa camiseta. Suerte a Clapton CFC y gracias

    Congratulations. I dont like football but I want this shirt. Good luck to Clapton CFC y and thanks.

    What can I do to get this shirt,In fact I want several for friends

  28. Ola, sou do Brasil e gostaria de colaborar com a campanha do time adquirindo uma camisa desta equipe, que tem sido uma sensação no mundo com sua bela mensagem. Por favor assim que elas estiverem disponível peço que me avisem por e-mail.
    Parabéns pela iniciativa inovadora e muito bem sucedida, sucesso a este belo time!!.

  29. I’m from Bilbao, Basque Country and of curse Athletic Club suporter.
    Thanks a lot to you, Clapton. Thank you for keeping alive and high the memory of all those who fought the fascism.

    Unfortunately after more than 40 years of fascism, Spainsh people has become comfortably numb, forgot his history. Shame.

    No pasarán!!

  30. Enhorabuena por la iniciativa. No me gusta el fútbol pero quiero un par de camisetas. Suerte a Clapton CFC y gracias.

    Congratulations. I dont like football but I want this shirt x2. Good luck to Clapton CFC and thanks.

    What can I do to get this shirt,In fact I want several for friends

  31. “La ilusión es lo último que se pierde” y “ la paciencia es la madre de la ciencia “
    Esperare pacientemente mi turno para hacerme con la preciada y preciosa camiseta
    Y aprovecho para recordarte, a ti que les estas letras, que las grandes ideas, que los grandes pensamientos proceden de las cunas más humildes

  32. Hi from the Basque Country! I ordered my Tshirt on August 30th and It arrived yesterday. It’s lovely. Thanks so much! No pasarán.

  33. I would like to say that I love my CCFC away shirt but I can’t because it never arrived despite being told that it had been despatched. I have checked the tracking number, which did not exist, and e-mailed the store, which did not reply. Am I the only person to have been conned out of £34 or are there others? Can anyone help me get my CCFC away shirt which I was looking forward to wearing at the Conservative Party Conference, ha ha.
    Fraternally yours
    Ged Wharton

  34. Can anybody help?
    I ordered my away shirt on 30th August, Order no. #4210. I was informed on the 7th November that it had been dispatched, tracking no.37040803300000CE1B26A. Unfortunately,10 days later the shirt has still to arrive? I have checked the tracking number with both the PO and DPD but I get a negative response from both. I have e-mailled comms@claptoncfc.co.uk, but no response from them either. Surely I’m not the only person to have failed to get their shirt? I was really looking forward to wearing mine to the Conservative Party Conference as well, ha! ha! I would rather have the shirt than ask (who?) for a refund, but…..
    If anybody knows anybody that could help please let me know.
    Fraternally Yours Ged Wharton

  35. Quiero comprar una camiseta de vuestra primera equitación y 2 de la segunda equipacion, por favor avisadme cuando las tengáis. Las quiero conseguir si o si. Dadme información sobre cómo puedo colaborar con vuestro club. Como socio o simpatizante. Precios y condiciones. Gracias

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