The inside story of our 2018/19 home and away kits

Clapton CFC are a fan-owned, fan-operated football club, and that comes with some pretty decent perks.

Clapton CFC fans will never be treated like customers. We’ll never be blindsided by the decisions of a malevolent owner. And we don’t have to pull on a replica shirt that costs £80 but the workers who made it receive slave wages.

That’s why we were so proud to unveil our 2018/19 home and away kits at our launch event on Friday, August 3, giving you the first chance to buy your very own replica Clapton shirt for £25 each.

The Clapton CFC home kit – red-and-white stripes, black shorts, black socks – is a new twist on a classic, with a wide stripes and black trim. So far, so traditional.

However, our away kit is something a little more out there and was chosen by club members from a field of 16 contenders.

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War, it is inspired by the flag of the Spanish Republic and is adorned by the three-pointed star of the International Brigades, who travelled to Spain attempting to hold back the fascist tide of General Franco.

Both were lovingly made by Rage Sport, an independent Italian sports clothing manufacturer producing kits for grassroots football clubs that are invested in fighting racism, fascism and inequality.

“Rage Sport is inspired by the ideals and principles of solidarity, equality and freedom,” says Maurizio Affuso, who supports grassroots club RFC Lions Ska Caserta.

“It was born as a coherent alternative for all the clubs who wear material from multinational brands which shamelessly exploit the life of men, women and even children, with no respect or humanity.

“Rage Sport will always be there for the Clapton fans because like them we believe in a new way of doing football and because we strongly believe some battles can be fought both on and off the pitch.”

All of Rage Sport’s kits are made in Italy, with material sourced from companies that pay their workers properly and fairly. And unlike most football clubs, the design isn’t from a template but completely unique and customised.

Maurizio added: “The design and the final production of the kit kept us busy for a couple of months.Everything has been decided with the members of the club, from the shape of the neck, to the colours, to the material.

“It has been great working with them to produce the kits and meeting all their needs.”

So how dID you get hold of one?

Launch event: Your first opportunity to grab a Clapton home and/or away shirt was at our launch party at the Deviant and Dandy Brewery. The first very limited batch – 30 home and 30 away shirts – sold out within hours.

Online: Unfortunately we are unable to offer online sales at the moment. Our volunteers are exhausted from months of work  We may be able to reinstate online orders if we get a new influx of volunteers.

At games: Once the next batch comes in and the league season starts, we’ll have shirts and other merch available to buy at home games too.

Prices: Replica shirts (Home/Away) £30. This was £25, until we became liable for VAT.




  1. hello i want the tshirt the first one red and white. i’m from basque country. i was living next to clapton stadium 2 years and i love your club!

  2. Hi, mates!

    As a spanish guy and also republican, I would say you THANK YOU for the gift you made to all of us, antifascist, remembering the brave fighters for freedom and equality supporting La República. Men and women, from all over Spain and so many countries at Brigadas Internacionales, they will be always in our hearts and our memory. So, thank you for that beautiful act.

    ¡¡¡NO PASARÁN!!!

    P.S. From now to always, I´m a new Clapton CFC supporter.

    P.S.S. Sorry for my english.

  3. Como adquirir una camiseta del 80 aniversario de la disolución de las Brigadas Internacionales , aquí en España

  4. Hello!

    Just to avoid misunderstandings, could you please write down the measures (cm) of the sizes of the shirts? It will be great!


    Good luck in the league!

  5. Fantastic design, I have have tried to look for ‘Rage’ and I cannot find them online (you post no links?), id love to see their other work!

  6. Hi,

    Tried to look at your online store so I could pick up one of your replica shirt but online shop doesn’t seem to be working. How can I order one of your new shirts?

  7. Hi friends!
    My family and me are from Madrid, fans of Rayo Vallecano. We will go to London the next Friday. We would like to buy the second tshirt of Clapton, its amazing! Do you have shop of the club? If you dont have it, where can we buy the tshirt?
    Thank you so much!!

  8. I just saw your article in the Guardian, it’s inspirational, a tonic of hope in these dodgy times – love it. I’m a new Clapton CFC supporter now, good luck for 2018/19 season and beyond…let’s go!

    K. Apperley lead coach and manager Cycling Club Hackney

  9. If you are compiling a list of people who would like to receive notification of when the away shirts will be available for order again, please add my name to that list!

  10. Hey guys
    Great initiative with this shirt commemoration!
    I’m from Portugal and I’m leaving tomorrow at 18.00. Do you have a physical store where I can pas by and get one of those beautiful shists?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Workers of the world, unite!

  11. Living in white chapel travelling back to Ireland today but would like too know if possible too buy the away shirt at the game also I’ve been training with Alexandra park but it’s quite far for me. What sort of standard do you guys play at?

  12. Hello, you have a new fan from Rahway, NJ USA. Love the kit and the great vibe surrounding it. Put me on the list. Have a great “inaugural” season!

  13. Like many others I was trying to find the Rage site, I do not support a football team but cycle on a regular basis and wondered would they be able to provide cycle tops with the same insignia

  14. Like everyone else I love the ethos, sentiment and design. Would happily wear your shirt with pride and in tribute to the international brigades and Clapton CFC. Please add me to your list for when you are taking new orders.

  15. Bu days, I would like to buy a shirt of your team, a tribute to the International Brigades. Where and when could I buy it?
    Thank you very much.

  16. Thank you much for remembering the Internationa Brigades Comrades. Fascists NO PASARAN!
    As of now in Canada, you have a new supporter/follower. Please add me to your email news.

  17. Hi im a Labour Parry member and member of momentum and Cuba Solidarity Campaign I live opposite Grenfell Tower
    Where and when can I order the No Passaran away kit and can I join the members club

  18. Hi CCFF fans and members
    I just found out the reason for your playing kit , I am so proud , I am a Spanierd living in Teddington for 24 years, I can descrived how proud I felt of you, Mo pasaran I want one all the best for the season!

  19. Hello i’m César from Madrid, as you know, Madrid was the city whose people shouted “no pasarán” to fascism.
    I would like to buy some of your great t shirts. Please, let me know if you sell more.

  20. Hi.. am well impressed with your stand on antifascism. Even today we need to remember and stand up against any resurge . I am from Nottingham and a keen Forest fan. Would love a shirt(Lor XL). Also , do you do a junior kit for 7 to 10 year olds

  21. Me gustaría mucho poder adquirir la camiseta conmemorativa, seria para hacerle un regalo muy especial a mi hijo. Por favor donde puedo conseguirla?

  22. Please let me know when you will be taking orders again for the ” No Pasaran” shirts and add me to the waiting list.
    Thank you

  23. Hi! Since I knew about the shirt commemorating the Spanish Republic and after reading about your values, I have become a follower and supporter of your club. I hope you open pre-orders so I can have mine. It has a awesome design. I wish you all the best from Spain!

  24. Hi folks,
    do you have any idea when your next batch might be available?
    Best regards, a bunch of owd Anarcho Syndicalists from the North East

  25. Estoy interesada en comprar la camiseta conmemorativa de la República de españa, como puedo comprarla?
    Visca el Clampton!!!!!

  26. Please let me know when I can order a “No pasarán” shirt and how to go about it.

  27. Gracias por ese bello gesto. España agradecida a las Brigadas Internacionales por su ayuda y sacrificio en la lucha contra el fascismo.

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