Clapton Cageys 5s team mid-season update

In our second ever season, Clapton Cageys FC are now top of Division 5 in the Super5 League for the first time ever!
And, we are holding onto our position after a 1-0 win against Olympia Sharks on Tuesday which could be something to do with signing our first official goalkeeper Jenn Tran, who put an absolute shift in during her debut (and even the ref said so). Big thanks as always for all the support, especially from our coach Julie – the absolute legend.

This past Saturday we were also invited to take part in the Limehouse Laces ‘Women & Girls Football Tournament’ at Stepney Green Astro as part of International Women and Girls Week 2024. Playing against some more established teams meant we went in nervous, but instantly fell in love with 7-a-side, playing four matches in the sunshine and leaving smiling. Although we came last in the rankings, we think we played some of our best ever football and met the challenge…and now we can’t wait to enter more tournaments in the future. 

Our final updates are about the movies… last Friday, the Cageys/Open Access donned their Clapton CFC away jerseys and took over Screen 3 at Hackney Picturehouse to watch COPA71 and you just have to go see it – we laughed, swore out loud and sobbed! But, maybe even more exciting is that there’s something in the pipeline – some of us filmmaker Cageys have put it to the General Organising Committee that we should maybe try to commit Clapton CFC’s story to film. So look out for some possible future requests for support, information and interviews.

Please follow us on Instagram @claptoncageysfc for all of our super serious match highlights or our grinning selfies, and feel free to reach out anytime!

Love the Cageys x