February 2024 Income & Expenditure

Income in February was £35,859.15, an increase from £18,723.39 in January.

This included matchday donations of £2,545.42 and merchandise sales of £9,020.01.

Expenditure came to £36,624.09, an increase from £12,374.84 in January. It should be noted that both income and expenditure include the receipt and transfer of a £21,387.00 grant for floodlight repairs

Merchandise spent on £6,482.59 Merchandise costs and £986.78 on Postage.

Other significant spend items in the month were £805.00 on Youth Training training pitch hire, £600.00 on Women’s Teams Coaching costs and £542.73 on Portable toilet hire.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. You can see further details on the income and expenditure below.

The club’s full income and expenditure for February 2024 is as follows:


Match Day Donations£2,545.42
Open Access Donations£703.19
Women’s Teams Donations£249.66
Youth Training Donations£449.40
Other Donations£501.48
Grant Income – Football Foundation – Floodlight repairs£21,387.00
Other Revenue£1.55

Total CCFC Income£35,859.15


Communications Committee

Finance Committee
Xero accounting software£28.50
Other administrative costs£48.95


League Liaison Committee
Eastern Counties annual dinner attendance£83.33
League Affiliation – U7 & U10 Essex FA£34.00
Tournament entry – Youth Training (U7/U8/U 9Girls)£180.00
Players Disciplinary Fines£136.00
Matchday Fines

Matchday Committee
Portable toilet hire£542.73
Turnstile Operator£60.00
Security Costs£164.00

Men’s First Team

Match Officials Cost£139.29
Kit cost£130.11
Kit laundry cost£160.00
Food for Players£14.06
Physiotherapist cost£225.00
Training pitch hire (inc refund)-£310.33
Equipment Costs£9.58
Players travel costs£200.00
Sundry costs£60.00

Membership Committee

Merchandise Committee
Merchandise Costs£6,482.59
Online Store Costs£3.49
Postage Costs(and refunds)£986.78

Open Access
Match officials£70.00
Equipment Costs£51.60

Women’s Teams Committee
Coaching cost£600.00
Kit cost£130.11
Coach’s kit cost£115.13
Match Officials£160.00
Equipment Costs£154.46

Youth Training
Training Pitch Hire£805.00
Kit cost£523.84

Transfers to OSDGT
Grant – Football Foundation – Floodlight repairs£21,387.00

OSD Warehouse loan
Loan Repayment£1,284.62

OSD Ground loan
Loan Repayment£641.48

Changing Room Loan
Loan Repayment£97.21

Bounce Back Loan
Loan Repayment£887.55

Total Expediture£36,624.09

VAT in February 2024