June 2023 Income & Expenditure

Income in June was £9,128.22, a decrease from £10,685.83 in May.

This included matchday donations of £2,682.81 and merchandise sales of £3,771.52

Expenditure came to £7,087.02, a decrease from £5,669.97 in May.

Merchandise spent £375.51 on the manufacture of merchandise, £2,008.06 on postage fees, and £3.49 in online store costs.

Other significant spend items in the month were £587.09 on Men’s first team kit cost, £506.24 on Open Access Pitch Hire and £479.29 on Matchday Equipment costs.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. 

You can see further details on the income and expenditure below. 

The club’s full income and expenditure for June 2023 is as follows: 


Match Day Donations£2,682.81
Other Donations£795.24
Open Access Donations£236.98
Women’s teams Donations£10.61
Youth Training Donations£940.59
Interest Income£0.09

Total CCFC Income£9,128.22


Communications Committee
MailChimp credits£59.38

Community Outreach
Signage materials£156.23
Banners and Publicity£28.48

Finance Committee
Xero accounting software£26.60

League Liaison Committee
Travel Costs£137.39
League Subscription Women’s£100.00

Changing Room Loan£97.21

Matchday Committee
Equipment Costs£479.29
Security Cost£228.00

Membership Committee
Badges £297.00
Membership Subscription Mojo£333.33

Men’s First Team
Training pitch hire£116.67
Match Officials Cost£50.00
Kit Costs£587.09

Merchandise Committee
Equipment Cost£10.49
Merchandise Costs£375.51
Online Cost£3.49

Open Access
Pitch Hire£506.24
Registration Fees£90.00
Sundry Costs£40.00

OSD Warehouse loan
Loan Repayment£483.23

Women’s Teams Committee
Match Official Costs£100.00

Youth Training
Storage Costs£33.33
Pitch Hire£400.00

Total Expenses£7,087.02

VAT in June 2023