December 2022 Income & Expenditure

Expenditure in December rose starkly to £94 818,48 from £10 060 in November due to the purchase of the warehouse. Leaving that purchase aside, the Club spent £10 378,28 in December.

The purchase of the warehouse cost the Club £83 440,2 including £75 000 on the warehouse, £6250 on the auctioneering fees for the purchase, £1780 on solicitor fees, £331 on dispersements and £79,2 on the papers for the AGM. Another £1000 was spent on fees for the Cooperative and Community Finance loan.

The remaining £10 378,28 was spent on usual items of spending.

These include training and ground pitch hires, with £950 and £208,33 spent on the training pitch and ground hire by the Men’s First Team and £200 spent on pitch hire for Youth Training.

The Men’s First Team also spent £130 on match officials, and £6,51 on refreshments. The Women’s First Team spent £1 034 on kit costs (and £71,80 on shipping), £345 on coaching and £30 on match officials. The Men’s Development Team spent £592 on kit costs (and £71,8 on shipping) as well as £80 on match officials. League registration for the Open Access team totaled £700 this month.

In terms of merchandise, £962 was spent on badges manufacture, £1936,02 on postage fees, £20,20 in import charges and £3,49 in online store costs. The Membership committee spent £1004,52 on postage, £298,18 on membership cards, £179,98 on labels and £156,23 on envelopes and stickers. The Communications committee spent £52,69 on MailChimp credits.

The Club spent the monthly £1 108,69 to the OSD for repayment of the loan, as well as £144 on Match Day security while £24 was spent on disciplinary fines. The Finance Committee spent the usual £26,60 on the accounting software, £19 on storage as well as £23.24 on bank fees.

The Club’s income decreased to £14 337,47 from £19 092,56 in November. The Club brought in £600 in London FA Cup prize, and received £10,000 in loan repayment from the Old Spotted Dog trust.

Merchandise brought in £1559,87 before £147,22 in fees, while membership brought in £1147 after £68 in fees.

Match Day donations totaled £140,10 for the Men’s First Team and £53 for our Women’s First Team games.

On top of this, we collected £465 in other donations, we received £200 of donations for the Women’s 5 sessions, and £108 of raffle donations. Monthly Direct Debit totaled £30,68 this month.

The Club also received £33,73 in donations for the Hardship Fund.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In December, we collected £216 and spent £942,81.

The club’s full income and expenditure for December 2022 is as follows:


Merchandise£1 559,87*
Membership£1 147,00** 

Match Day Donations
Men’s First Team£40,10***
Women’s First Team£53,00^ 

Non Match Day Donations
Monthly Direct Debit£30,68^^
Other Donations£465,00 
Women’s 5 sessions£200,00 
Raffle donations£108,00 

Cup Income
London FA Cup prize£600,00 

Loan Repayment from the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust£10 000,00
Charity Bank interest income£0,09

Donations received for Hardship Fund£33,73

Total CCFC Income£14 337,47

*Before £147,22 in fees

**After £68 in fees

*** After £1,40 in fees

^ After £0.90 in fees

^^ After £1,32 in fees


Youth Training
Pitch hire£200,00

Women’s First Team
Match officials£30,00
Kit costs£1 034,00
Shipping costs for new kit£71,80
Coaching staff costs£345,00

Open Access
Super 5 League Registration£700,00

Postage Fees£1 936,02
Online store£3,49
Merchandise costs – Import charges£20,20
Badges – production of merchandise£962,00

Men’s First Team
Ground hire£208,33
Match officials£130,00
Food for players£6,51
Training picth hire£950,00

Membership committee
Postage£1 004,52
Membership cards£298,18

Men’s Development Team
Match officials£80,00
Shipping for new kits£71,80
Kit costs£592,00

Matchday Committee
Security costs£144,00

League Liaison Committee
Player fines£24,00

General Organising Committee
Papers for AGM£79,20
Solicitor’s fees£1 780
Cooperative and Community Finance loan fees£1 000,00
Auctioneer fees for warehouse purchase£6 250,00

Freehold Property
Purchase of warehouse£75 000,00

Finance Committee
Long term storage£19,00
bank fees£23,24
Xero accounting software£26,60

Communication Committee
Mailchimp credits£52,69

OSD loan
Loan repayment for purchase of the ground £1 108,69 

Total Expenses£94 818,48