May 2022 income and expenditure

Expenditure during the month of May dropped back to its lowest levels down to £4 316.08, from the unusually high expenditure levels in April (£33 344,93, which was almost entirely due to a one-off VAT charge on legal expenses for an intellectual property legal case). 

This month, given the end of the season, expenditure was low even for the usual items of spending. Training pitch and ground hires totaled £520,83 for the Men’s First Team, £100 on pitch hire for the Men’s Development Team, £125 on pitch hire for the Women’s First Team as well as £625 for the Youth Training pitch hire.

The various teams spent some cash on various items. The Women’s First Team spent another £110 on match officials, and the Women’s Development team spent £40 on match officials. The Men’s First Team spent £255 on physiotherapy services, £64.42 on physiotherapy supplies and £10 on refreshments. The Youth Training spent £126.54 on an end of season dinner. The Access for Women team spent £147.57 on portable goal posts and £60 was spent on a Mental Health First Aid Course for the Women’s First Team.

In terms of merchandise, £117 was spent on programme printing costs, £29,99 on a credit card reader, and £40.62 on MailChimp credits. The finance committee spent the usual monthly £24,70 on the accounting software, as well as £30,22 on bank fees.

This month, the League Liaison Committee spent £45.75 on disciplinary fines and £90 on player registration to the Clapham’s Saturday League, as well as £534 on tickets for the Alec Smith Premier Cup. A £666 was spent on Matchday Security.

Community outreach spent £88.26 on refreshments, £31.21 on footballs, £31.65 on training bibs. £14,99 on training cones and £14 on travel costs for FARE event.

The membership database MemberMojo subscription cost us £333,33 this month.

In terms of income, the Club’s income decreased this month from £7975,66 in April to £6,952.59 this month.

The merchandise again pulled off a whopping £3 000.54 (after the deduction of PayPal fees of £107.81).

Membership this month brought in £639.61 after £35,39 deduction in fees. We saw another steady stream of membership subscriptions. Above average for the previous three years (47.67) but it was overall down 5 subscriptions on the same period in 2021. However, the drop in membership income was supplemented by a slight increase in accompanying donations (£112 up £19, or 20.43%).

The income generated is also largely due to the generous donations collected by our members and fans. Match Day donations for the Men’s First Team brought in a whopping £2317.84 after 129.57 in fees. Other donations include £410 at the Women’s 5s session, as well as £335 of cash donations, £111.11 of other donations, £30,68 of direct debit donations.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In May, we only collected £329.07 

and spent £401.63.


We have recorded Hardship Fund income and spending separately and in May 2022, the income and spending for the Hardship Fund was:

Donations received for CCFC supporters £0 
Payments made from Hardship Fund £200 

In total, £14 591,09 has been received and £14 542 has been paid out so far from the Hardship Fund from March 2020 to the end of May 2022. The remaining balance is thus £49,09

The club’s full income and expenditure for May 2022 is as follows: 


Merchandise £   3,108.35* 
Membership £     639.61** 

Math Day Donations
Men’s First Team £   2,317.84*** 

Non Match Day Donations
Women’s 5s session £     410.00 
Other donations £     111.11 
Cash donations £     335.00 
Monthly direct debit  £       30.68**** 

Total CCFC Income £   6,952.59 

*After a total of £107.81in fees

**After £35.39 in fees

*** After £129.57 in fees

**** After £1,32 in fees


Access for Women
Portable Goal Posts £     147.57 

Communications Committee
Credit Card reader £       29.99 
Printing programme costs £     117.00 
Mailchimp credit for members £       40.62 

Community Outreach
Travel costs for FARE event £       14.00 
Training cones £       14.99 
Training bibs £       31.65 
Footballs £       31.21 
Refreshments £       88.26 

Bank fees £       30.22 
Subscriptions Accounting software £       24.70 

League Liaison Committee
Tickets for the Alec Smith Premier Cup £     534.00 
Clapham’s Saturda League Registration £       90.00 
Player Disciplinary Fines £       45.75 

MatchDay Committee
Critico Security – Matchday Security £     666.00 

Men’s Development Team
Kit laundry £       40.00 
Pitch Hire £     100.00 
Refreshments £       10.00 

Membership Committee
MemberMojo Database Subscription £     333.33 

Men’s First Team
Ground Hire £     520.83 
Physiotherapy services £     255.00 
Physiotherapy supplies £       64.42 

Women’s First Team
Ground hire £     125.00 
Match Officials £     110.00 
Mental health First Aid Course
 £       60.00

Women’s Development Team

Match Officials £       40.00 

Young Tons 
Pitch hire £     625.00 
End of season dinner £     126.54 

Total CCFC Expenditure £   4,316.08 


Expenditure on our new home is managed by the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust (OSDGT), the subsidiary company we set up. However, like the club, spending will appear on the OSDGT website and for transparency.

OSD Crowdfunding appeal* £     47,65 
OSD donations £      108
OSD gift cards** £     19.12 
Total Income £    174.77 

*After a total of £2,35 in fees **After £0.88 in matchday security fees

Loan repayment for purchase of the ground £  1 108,69 

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