January 2022 income and expenditure

The slow start to the new year 2022 and the large merchandise and pitch hire expenses in December 2021 resulted in low levels of expenditures this month: dropping to £3,647.98 from £14,796,52 in December.

In terms of merchandise, £291.39 was spent on import duty and agency fee, in addition to £120 pounds on programme printing costs and£33.70 on Mail Chimp.

As per usual, training pitch hires were large items of spending and totaled £900 for the Men’s First Team, £390 for the Young Tons, and £130 for the Men’s Development Team.

The Men’s First Team also spent £345 on match officials, £250 on Ground Hire, £115 on physiotherapy costs, £180 on kit laundry, and £40 on food for players.

The Women’s First Team spent £460 on coaching and £75 on match officials.

The Club’s income dropped a little to £10,040.48 from £13,011.23 in December.

This was largely thanks to the incredible work of the merchandise team and the terrific £3,747.14 they turned over this month. (after the deduction of PayPal fees of £172.7).

It was also large due to the generous donations to all the initiatives and teams of the club: £761.84 was collected by the Young Tons, a wonderful £1,725.99 was donated at the Men’s First Team game, £265 was donated at the Women’s First Team games, £230 at the Women’s 5s as well as £360 of other donations and £46.10 of direct debit donations. A further £1,315 was donated at the Women’s First Team Home Cup.

Membership this month brought in £1,422.11 after £77.89 in fees. January 2022 was our best yet in terms of Membership, with another record intake of subscriptions for the same time period (up 74.19% on 2019/2020, up 103.77% on 2021/2022). The biggest subscriptions growth was in Solidarity memberships, up 147.37%. Donations accompanying subscriptions were up 129.17% as well, despite the club running several crowdfunding initiatives, which is a very positive reflection on our membership’s generosity.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In January, we collected £332.46 and spent £ 571.11


We have recorded Hardship Fund income and spending separately and in January 2021, the income and spending for the Hardship Fund was:

Donations received for CCFC supporters£19,17
Payments made from Hardship Fund£0

In total, £14,475.07 has been received and £13 672has been paid out so far from the Hardship Fund from March 2020 to the end of January 2022. The remaining balance is thus £803.07

The club’s full income and expenditure for January 2022 is as follows:


Merchandise£ 3,747.14*
Membership£ 1,422.11**

Women’s 5s£ 230.00
Other donations£ 360.00
Young Tons£ 761.84
Monthly direct debit donations£ 46.10
Match Day Women’s£ 265.00
Match Day Men’s First Team£ 1,725.99
Women’s First Team Home Cup Income£ 1,315.00

Pitch Hire contributions opposing teams£ 100.00
Postage Credits£ 67.30
Total CCFC Income£ 10,040.48

*After a total of £172.7 in fees

**After £77.89 in fees


Communications Committee
Merchandise import agency fee£ 20.31
Merchandise import duty£ 271.08
Mail Chimp Credits£ 33.70
Printing Programmes£ 120.00

Bank fees£ 8.55
Accounting Software£ 24.70
Folders£ 9.16
Printer Paper£ 7.00

League Liaison Committee
Disciplinary Fines£ 66.00

Kit Laundry£ 90.00
Pitch Hire£ 130.00

Men’s First Team
Training Pitch Hire£ 900.00
Food For Players£ 40.00
Match Officials£ 345.00
Ground Hire£ 250.00
Kit Laundry£ 180.00
Physiotherapy costs£ 115.00

Women’s First Team
Coaching costs£ 460.00
Match Officials£ 75.00

Young Tons
Equipment Costs£ 112.48
Pitch hire£ 390.00

Total CCFC Expenditure£ 3,647.98


Expenditure on our new home is managed by the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust (OSDGT), the subsidiary company we set up. However, like the club, spending will appear on the OSDGT website and for transparency.

Donations£ 215.00
Crowdfunding Appeal£ 485.49*
OSD Gift Card£ 20.00
Total£ 720.49

* after £25.50 in Paypal fees


Loan repayment for purchases of the ground£ 1 108,69

TOTAL OSD Expenditure£1 108,69

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