September 2021 income and expenditure

The month of September saw incredible FA cup games, many league wins and continued progress with the Old Spotted Dog.

The club’s expenditures increased by almost 50%, totaling £14,084.97 for the month of September, up from £9,872.92 in August.

Large one-off items of spending this month were the Access for Women Committee’s Super 5 League League registration of their first and second teams (£1260)and audit fees for the club’s annual accounts, which totaled £2750.

As usual, pitch hires were also a large area of spending across all teams. For the Men’s First Team, weekly training cost £900 and £208,33 was spent on match day pitches. The Women’s First Team spent £2 933,48, on training pitches at Draper’s Field from October to December 2021 and the Young Tons Committee paid outpitch hire in Walthamstow and Haringey totalled £652.

Other significant match day spending includes match official costs (£290 for women’s first team and £115 for Men’s First Team), printing of programmes (£232), and Kit Laundry (£360 for both teams).

Other areas of spending include storage costs for merchandise (£353.49), postage fees of£1099,07 in addition to £376 in PayPal fees.

Finally, we again paid back £887.37 of the loan for the Old Spotted Dog Ground this month.

The Club’s income in September decreased slightly from £15,143.01 in August to £13 876,06 in September.

As usual, this was largely thanks to merchandise pulling in £8960.90 (after the deduction of PayPal fees of £376) as well as match day donations which totalled £1149.39 for the Men’s First Team, £248.22 for Women’s First Team, £384.50 for Young Tons,£220for Women’s 5 sessions and £526.50 of other donations. Regular standing orders totalled £36.20.

In September, we also received membership fees totalling £2,196.73 (after deduction of PayPal fees of £133.27).

September has seen CCFC’s membership numbers rise slightly (7.38%), with 160 subscriptions made. There were 31 new members and 64 expiries with donations to accompany subscriptions of £558.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In September, we collected £918.69

and spent £785.06, this means that we owe £133.63 for the month of September to HM Revenue & Customs.


We have recorded Hardship Fund income and spending separately and in September 2021, the income and spending for the Hardship Fund was:

Donations received for CCFC supporters£48.30
Payments made from Hardship Fund£0

In total, £13 833,05 has been received and £13,622 has been paid out so far from the Hardship Fund from March 2020 to the end of September 2021. The remaining balance is thus £211.05.

The club’s full income and expenditure for September 2021 is as follows:


Merchandise*£ 8960,90
Membership**£ 2196,73

Matchday Donations

Women’s First Team£248.22
Men’s first team£1,149.39
Other/ Undisclosed£3.00

Young Tons session donations£384.50
Women’s 5s session donations£220.00
Monthly direct debit donations£36.20
Other donations£526.50

*After a total of £376 in fees

**After £133,27 in fees


Access for Women
Portable goal posts£166.58
League Registration of 1st and 2nd Team£1,260.00

Communications Committee
PayPal fees on sales£376.00
Printing of programme costs£232.00
Publicity costs£33.03
Online store costs£353.49
Website costs – Flickr subscription£46.57

Finance Committee
Fees for audit£2750,00
Accounting software£24.00

League Liaison Committee
Player disciplinary fine£60.00

MDT Committee

Pitch hire£70.00
Kit laundry£60.00
Match officials£20.00
Match fees£37.00

Women’s First Team
Training pitch hire£2,933.48
Ground hire£300.00
Match official costs£290.00
First aid supplies£34.70

Young Tons Committee
Pitch hire£652.00

Men’s First Team

Training pitch hire£900.00
Match official costs£115.00
Ground hire£208.33
Kit laundry£300.00
Physiotherapy services and supplies£412.67

Club Board
Online meeting software£36.00

Membership Committee
Mailing envelopes£119.85

Other expenditure
Bounce back loan repayment£887.37

TOTAL CCFC Expenditure£14 084.97


Expenditure on our new home is managed by the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust (OSDGT), the subsidiary company we set up. However, like the club, spending will appear on the OSDGT website and for transparency.

Hire of OSD for commercial filming£1,800.00

*after £3,80 in fees

Bank charges£18.00
Cleaning materials£10.00
Fire risk assessment survey£285.00
Loan repayment for purchase of the ground£1,108.69
Travel costs£11.67
Petrol for the mower£49.06
Tape measure£6.99
Architect fees£350.00
Keys cutting£4.00

TOTAL OSD Expenditure£1,869.91

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