All Clapton CFC fixtures and training suspended due to lockdown

All of Clapton CFC’s teams matches and training sessions are cancelled as of Thursday, November 5th as part of the second lockdown.

Elite football – tiers 1 to 6 in men’s football, 1 to 2 in women’s – is allowed to continue behind closed doors as now.

But non-elite football – grassroots football and lower non-leagues – is on hold until at least December 2nd due to new Covid-19 restrictions.

The decision was formally approved and voted on in Parliament on Wednesday, November 4th.

This covers all of our teams and training sessions:

  • Men’s first team
  • Women’s first team
  • Men’s development team
  • Women’s development team
  • Women’s beginners team
  • Women’s 5s
  • Women’s beginners 5s
  • Women’s open training
  • Young Tons open training

Hardship Fund

A big part of our community response to the pandemic has been helping our members who are struggling financially, no questions asked, through our Hardship Fund.

We continue to ask members who can afford it to support our appeal by donating, perhaps setting aside the money they would have spent watching a Clapton CFC game.

The idea is to provide some short-term, cashflow relief to those in most need.

We are thinking about the unemployed, those made redundant or on benefits, the self-employed, those on zero-hour contracts or freelancers who suddenly find they have a dramatically reduced income.

Give what you can, take what you need.

What next?

With another lockdown coming, we’re open to other suggestions on how the club can help our friends and members.

Got an idea for what we should do in the next four weeks? Tell us. Need a bit of help? Tell us.

Email us at if you have any suggestions.

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