Meet the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust directors

We asked members to step forward and volunteer to become a director of the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust, the subsidiary company set up by the club for the day to day management of our home ground. 

Ten people answered the call and offered their time and skills for the voluntary, unpaid role.

After a confirmation vote of members, by 471 votes to 3, the full slate of ten nominees have been approved.

The ten directors are:

John Morgan: “I’m from Glasgow originally although moved to London last year and now live in Stratford. I work as an employment lawyer and am also involved in workers’ rights campaigns. Clapton’s been great by giving me a little bit of community in this city and I look forward to helping the club out.”

Steve Dowding: “I am a self-employed sole trader working in ICT consultancy and support, especially for older persons, and in construction ranging from small design and build through to handyperson work. I am part of CCFC’s Grounds Maintenance Committee and an administrator of our Dogchat forum”.

Dan Barron: “I’m a community organiser in Newham with an organisation called PEACH, and over the last few years I’ve been actively involved in a lot of housing organising in the borough. I’ve been following Clapton since 2013 and am really excited by the opportunity to turn the OSD into a hub for the community”.

Laura Miller: “I am a semi-retired teacher. I help young people taking exams and am a teacher trainer. I love being part of a fan owned football club and can help in that I a detail oriented person who is good at organising and wants the world to be a better and fairer place”.

Kevin Blowe: “I am the coordinator of the Network for Police Monitoring and previously worked at Durning Hall, heading up its Community Involvement Unit. I am the current Treasurer of Clapton CFC and I am keen to ensure the Old Spotted Dog Ground has the same long-term financial stability as the club presently enjoys”.

Mark Gorman: “I am a Clapton CFC member and a long-term resident of Forest Gate. I have worked for nearly my whole career in the voluntary sector and have served on a number of not-for-profit boards”.

Joe Cassidy: “Committed Tons fan, Comms Team volunteer, East London resident with a side of Gravy. I work as a comms specialist with experience in project management, campaigns and youth work”.

Harry Gregory: “I am a Waltham Forest resident and attended my first Clapton game in March 2016. I am a surveyor currently working for a practice based in Wanstead and have worked extensively throughout east London. I have always harboured an ambition to combine my professional skills with  a cause that resonates with me personally and football, both professional and grass-roots, has played an enormous part in my life for the last 25 + years”. 

Ben Hodges: “I have spent the last four years developing The Crystal Maze Live Experience into a live attraction and as the founder and shareholder at Crystal Maze and at previous companies I have been responsible for budgets, cash flow, managing contractors, negotiating contracts and pricing. Whilst retaining my shareholding I have now left to pursue other projects, which includes working with CCFC to make a return to the Old Spotted Dog Ground”.

Annu Mayor: I am a Forest Gate resident and actively involved in Clapton CFC. I have formerly been a charity trustee and I participate in a number of local projects including the Newham Youth Safety Board and as a volunteer for a Newham homeless charity and foodbank”.


  1. Can I just say a big Thankyou to all the new board members. They have put their heads above the parapet, and are donating their time and skills for the good of our club. We all love CCFC , so let’s give them a hand in any way we can.

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