Young Tons brighten up temporary stand with their own stickers

These are the impressive designs created by young Tons in a sticker-making session before Saturday’s match against London Samurai.

The Clapton CFC kids wanted to brighten up our new temporary stand at the Stray Dog and were inspired by the tradition of great Tons stickers and songs.

The stickers made a great impression judging by some of the tweets from the game…


Parents are hoping to organise a badge-making session next, and pitchside activities towards end of season when the weather is better.

Already we ran a Christmas card design event – and it went so well that young CCFC fan, George, won the national Supporters Direct competition with his artwork.

Our young fans have also been operating the new scoreboard, built by members. Anyone is welcome to head over behind the goal and have a go.

Are there any family activities you think would be good before, during or after games? Email us at with any suggestions.


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