November 2018 expenditure

In addition, the club sent a donation of £60.68 from supporters to Fanladen St Pauli


VAT payment to HMRC£23,087.52
Payment to replica shirt distribution company£8,293.67
Membership badges£748.40
Purchase of CCFC mugs£505.00
Rage Sports for training sweatshirts£307.52
Rental of additional storage shed£300.00
Payments for Physio£260.00
Printing of match programmes£234.00
Match officials£208.00
Coach hire£200.00
Payment for security£158.40
Upgrade of membership software to 1000+£127.36
Purchase of new footballs£108.00
Laundry costs£100.00
Food for match days£60.00
Purchase of rainbow laces£52.84
Hall hire£50.00
Purchase of footballs£45.75
Physio supplies£45.64
Transport costs£36.60
Envelopes for membership packs£22.90
Essex FA - payment of fines£10.00
Keys for additional storage shed£6.50
Sanitary products£4.68

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