Alice May Williams

Alice May Williams
5ft 7in
Current Team
Clapton CFC women’s development, Clapton CFC women’s first team

Full Name: Alice May Williams
Place of Birth: UK
Where you live: Homerton
Day job: Cycle Mechanic and artist
Previous clubs: Goaldiggers and Stokey!
All time favourite player: Lucy Bronze
Favourite team, apart from Clapton CFC: Liverpool (YNWA!)
Biggest high in football: Beating Walton Casuals last season and being the only team to do so….
Lowest point in football: Not touching a football between 2000 – 2017
Likes and hobbies: I make paintings about the joy of football and being on a team. I also love going to Liverpool to see my niece and nephew.
Dislikes: Being stuck inside or having to sit down all day!
Favourite country visited: Spain
Favourite food: Rich tea biscuit and a cup of tea.
Favourite film:  I wouldn’t watch it now but at the time I went to the cinema 3 times, had the video and I still know the first half hour of dialogue by heart so for that I’d have to say Titanic!
Favourite TV: I love the reassuring formula of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.
Footballing ambition: To still be going when I’m 40?!
Person you’d most like to meet: Probably Lucy Bronze to be honest, we could walk her dog