Clapton CFC Women’s First Team and Reserve Team holding trials

We’re recruiting! The Clapton CFC Women’s First Team and Reserves Team are looking for experienced players that align with our club values and feel they’d enjoy playing our style of football.

We have a one club, one squad ethos. We like the style of football played by the first team to also be applied to the development team. This allows for a stable pipeline for player movement.

The teams train together on Thursday evenings in East London and play matches on Sundays.

How would you describe our playing style?

“A team moulded with strategic sophistication and fluidity. Our tactical philosophy, blending defensive solidity with attacking flair, is evident in the team’s formations and player movements. The adaptability to shift between systems and the emphasis on player roles contribute to our success on the pitch.”

– Jay Murray, CCFC Women’s First Team head coach

We welcome players of varying abilities and experience to trial with us.

Open session trials will be held on the following dates:
13th June | 20th June

If you are interested, please email and include your preferred position(s) and experience.

If you are interested in more casual football, Open Access is held every Saturday morning for women and Non-Binary people starting or returning to football.