First ever Mohammed Barakat Cup at the Old Spotted Dog Ground

Congratulations to Spicy FC who were the winners of the first ever Mohammed Barakat Cup at the Old Spotted Dog Ground last Sunday.

The seven-a-side football tournament organised by Football For Palestine was named after the most beloved Gazan footballer of his generation, who was killed on March 11 in an IDF airstrike.

We know that there’s no normal during a genocide but we organise these events to bear witness to and raise platform of our friends in Palestine. As a club we have always sought to use the resources we have to do empower our members to take action and to call out British complicity.

Even football fans can say not in our name. Join the national demonstration on Saturday, May 18 and fight in your unions for a world that says no to this oppression.

All teams were formed on the day by mixing the different groups whoattended. The Winners of the Khan Younis Cup were Baes-ton FC, featuring Baesianz players and some of your favourite groundskeepers.

There was only one hospitalisation (recovering well), a little bit of chaos and plenty of sunshine. Thanks to all the footy folk, bands, DJs and hairdressers who made it happen. Still a bit of admin to do but we raised roughly £1,200 for Gaza Sunbirds. We’re already looking forward to the 2025 edition of the Mohammed Barakat Cup.

You can watch the films screened on the day on YouTube – “Football In Palestine: Fixing What Politics Has Destroyed” by Asif Khapedi and “Why Celtic Football Club Supports Palestine” by Uncivilized Media.

If you can help Aida Celtic – a joint effort between the Lajee Center in Aida and members of Celtic’s Green Brigade – there’s a link here. Meanwhile Football for Palestine have launched a letter writing campaign over Barclays’ involvement in football.

You can read a news story on Middle East Monitor.