Progress stalls in the cold November rain: Development Diary 7

It’s been a frustrating time since the last Development Diary as the weather has meant the postponement of our last 3 games at Hackney Marshes, including on Saturday, so we’ve not played since October.

A hint of disappointment about this agiven many games have been on elsewhere and at times even at the same venue next day without marked improvements in the weather. The only possible upside is that these games will be played eventually and will extend what can be quite a relatively short season if you don’t prosper in the cup competition.

Unfortunately the games are one of the tangible links to seeing if progression and development are taking place but that is not to say the 6 training sessions in between games have been wasted. To the contrary we have worked hard in training as part of the Development Plan devised in down time during the summer holidays. I’m not sure Emma Hayes will lose sleep over this graphic but it does show we make an effort and have an eye for detail.

Sadly during one training session, one of our players Abbie suffered a serious ankle injury which amazingly the Emergency Services said didn’t meet the threshold to attend. Not to be deterred everyone at training came together as a group and was able to provide a provision of first aid that the surgeon declared ‘almost certainly led to a shorter recovery time’. We can be very proud of how this incident was dealt with at many thanks in particular to those at the forefront of the care provided.

The lack of games is also an issue with players understandably wanting to play football on a more regular basis, the postponements further compounding the fact we play in a bi-weekly league. Saturday was due to be the last game for Lauren who has been a fantastic team member but wants regular football so has decided move to another club within the pyramid where she feels she can progress her career more rapidly and will be given more opportunity. Whilst wishing Lauren all the best, retention of players is high on the list for any club and an area we might need to revisit in the future.

Only leaves me to thank those who continue to send positive comments about the team and the way we are trying to achieve our goals.