October 2022 Income & Expenditure

Expenditure in October rose to £15171,76 from £10739,98 in September.

This was driven by two large items of spending: £6700 was spent on the manufacture of new merchandise and £3500 on the Club’s audit.

On top of this, usual items of spending included training and ground pitch hires, with £955,20 spent by the Access for Women team, £950 and £333,33 of training pitch and ground hire by the Men’s First Team and £400 spent on pitch hire by the Young Tons.

Smaller items of spending by the Men’s First Team include £160 on kit laundry, £130,95 on match balls, £16,62 on refreshments and £9,88 on physiotherapy costs. The Women’s First Team spent £240 on changing rooms, £460 on coaching and £60 on food for players.

Other items of spending involved the usual money spent on Matchday officials (£350 by the Men’s First Team, £110 for the Women’s First Team, £40 for the Men’s Development team).

The Club also spent £288 on Match Day security, £17,55 on postage to the Solicitor and £10 on DBS checks, while £12 was spent on disciplinary fines this month.

The Membership Committee spent £300 on postage, while the Communications Committee spent £54,88 on MailChimp credits, the Finance committee spent £26,60 on accounting software and £19 on long term storage fee, as well as £20,77 on bank fees.

We also report the £1108,69 monthly loan repayment fee for the purchase of the Club ground.

The Club’s income fell to £7714,45 in October (down from £32 713,24 in September, where we had received a £13130 Grant for the OSD Warehouse purchase costs).

Merchandise brought in £3240,93 (after bringing in £11 531,12 last month) after £249,81 in fees, while membership brought in £1522,13 (after £87,87 in fees).

In addition to merchandise, we thank our many donors as Match Day donations totaled £546,64 for our Women’s First Team games and £173,27 for our Men’s First Team games this month.

On top of this, we collected £1045,42 from Youth Training Sessions (for the period from June to September). Other donations totaled £501 and we also received £145 of donations for the Women’s 5 sessions, and £30,68 of direct debit donations.

The Club is also starting to receive £500 monthly from the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust for repayment of the loan. The OSD also received £9,38 in donations.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In October, we collected £191,66 and spent £2 054,19.

The club’s full income and expenditure for October 2022 is as follows:


Merchandise£ 3 240,93*
Membership£ 1 522,13**

Match Day Donations
Men’s First Team£ 173,27***
Women’s First Team£ 546,64****

Non Match Day Donations
Monthly Direct Debit£ 30,68*****
Other Donations£ 501,00
Women’s 5 sessions£ 145,00
Donations from Youth Training Sessions (June July Sep)£ 1 045,42

OSD Donations
Donations£ 9,38^

OSD Debtor
Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust – Repayment of loan£ 500,00

Total CCFC Income£ 7 714,45


*After £249,81 in fees

**After £87,87 in fees

*** After £3,30 in fees

**** After £3,15 in fees

***** After £1,32 in fees

^ After £0,62 in fees


Access for Women

Pitch hire September to December£ 955,20

Club Board
Fee for DBS checks£ 10,00
Postage to solicitor warehouse£ 17,55

Communications Committee
Manufacture of Merchandise£ 6 700,00
Online store fees£ 6,98
MailChimp credits for mailing list£ 54,88

Finance Committee
Fees for audit£ 3 500,00
Bank fees£ 20,77
Accounting software monthly fee£ 26,60
Long term storage monthly fee£ 19,00

League Liaison Committee
Disciplinary fine£ 12,00

Match Day Committee
MatchDay security£ 288,00

Men’s Development Team
Match official costs£ 40,00

Postage fees£ 300,00

Men’s First Team
Training Pitch Hire£ 950,00
Refreshments for players£ 16,62
Match day officials£ 350,00
Match balls£ 130,95
Ground hire£ 333,33
kit laundry£ 160,00
Physio costs£ 9,88

Women’s First Team
Food for players£ 60,00
Hire of changing rooms£ 240,00
Coaching staff£ 460,00
Match officials£ 110,00

Young Tons
Pitch hire£ 400,00

OSD loan
Loan repayment for purchase of the ground£ 1 108,69

Total CCFC Expenditure£ 15 171,76

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