November 2022 Income & Expenditure

Expenditure in November fell back to £10 060,01 from £15,171,76 in October.

The two main items of spending were: £4128,57 on the manufacture of new merchandise and £1108,69 spentmonthly on the loan repayment fee for the purchase of the Club ground.

On top of this, usual items of spending included training and ground pitch hires, with £950 and £215 of training pitch and ground hire by the Men’s First Team and £400 spent on pitch hire for Youth Training.

The Men’s First Team also spent £130 on match officials, and £6,51 on refreshments. The Women’s First Team spent £240 on changing rooms, £460 on coaching and £341,10 on match officials. The Men’s Development Team spent £400 on pitch permits for the Hackney and Leyton League and £40 on match officials.

The Club also spent £360 on Match Day security while £42 was spent on disciplinary fines this month.

The Club made two donations this month: £252,15 for the Hardship Fund, and £371,65 to Newham Toy Appeal.

The Finance Committee spent the usual £26,60 on the accounting software, £19 on storage and £15,16 on stationery.

Last but not least, the Communications Committee spent £144,08 on postage, £52,80 on Mailchimp credits, £279,72 on website domain name renewal. On top of the £4128,57 spent on merchandise manufacture, other costs included £55,70 and £7,79 on customs import duty and import charges.

The Club’s income rose sharply to £19 092,56 this month, up from £7714,45 in October. The Club brought in £7000 in Home Cup income this month, as well as £1500 through the Women’s First Team FA Cup Prize! On top of this, the club secured the Nationwide Mutual Respect Grant Fund this year from Essex FA, worth £1000.

Merchandise brought in £2 825,90 after £283,70 in fees, while membership brought in £1033,45 (after £63,55 in fees).

We thank our many donors as Match Day donations totaled £2752,98 for our Women’s First Team games and £581,97 for our Men’s First Team games this month.

On top of this, we collected £477,55 from Youth Training Sessions. Other donations totaled £1559,68 and we also received £175 of donations for the Women’s 5 sessions, and £30,68 of direct debit donations. We received generous Christmas donations that totalled £371,65.

The Club is also still receiving £500 monthly from the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust for repayment of the loan.

In reporting the club’s expenditure, VAT is listed separately. In November, we collected £743,04 and spent £136,70.

The club’s full income and expenditure for November 2022 is as follows:


Merchandise£2 825,90*
Membership£1 033,45**

Match Day Donations
Men’s First Team£581,97***
Women’s First Team£2 752,98****

Non Match Day Donations
Monthly Direct Debit£30,68^
Other Donations£1 559,68
Women’s 5 sessions£175,00
Christmas Donations£371,65
Donations Youth Training Sessions£477,55

Cup Income and Prizes
Women’s FA Cup Prize£1 500,00
Home Cup Income£7 000,00

Loan Repayment from the Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust£500,00
Nationwide Mutual Respect Grant Fund – Essex FA£1 000,00

Total CCFC Income£19 092,56

*After £283,70 in fees

**After £63,55 in fees

*** After £2 in fees

**** After £100,06 in fees

^ After £1,32 in fees


Youth Training
Pitch Hire£400,00

Women’s First Team
Match officials£341,10
Coaching staff£460,00
Hire of changing rooms£240,00

Men’s First Team
Ground Hire£215,00
Match officials£130,00
Training Pitch hire£950,00

Men’s Development Team
Pitch permits for Hackney and Leyton Sunday League£400,00
Match Officials£40,00

Match Day
Security Costs£360,00
Disciplinary Fines£42,00

Hardship Fund

Finance Committee
Long Term Storage£19,00
Accounting Software£26,60

Community and Outreach
Donation to Newham Toy Appeal£371,65

Website Domain name renewal£279,72
MailChimp Credits£52,80
Online store costs£3,49
Merchandise costs: Customs Import Duty£55,70
Merchandise costs: Manufacture of merchandise£ 4 138,57
Merchandise costs: Import charges£7,79

OSD loan
Loan repayment for purchase of the ground£1 108,69

Total Expenses£10 060,01