Introducing the new Clapton CFC badge as designed and chosen by members

Clapton CFC are proud to unveil the club’s new badge, designed and voted for by our members.

To settle an intellectual property dispute, we needed a new logo and quickly, with the new season ahead. So we asked our members to submit their designs while only having a few days as deadline.

Special thanks go out to everyone who submitted a design. We ended up with a lot more than we were expecting: 48 badges!

Due to the speed needed, we formed a shortlisting panel made up of members from various committees who spent many hours whittling that down to five options for each.

Those five options were:

The winning design was a clear favourite from the five designs chosen for the shortlist, taking 48% of the vote.
The nine-member shortlisting panel was made up of members from:

  • Merch Committee (x2)
  • Comms Committee (x2)
  • Womens’s First Team
  • Men’s First Team
  • Open Access
  • Youth Teams
  • Intellectual Property settlement expert

The standard of designs was unbelievable, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to use some of them in some way in the future.

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