Match day Covid-19 rules and risk assessment

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and our efforts to keep games as safe as possible for everyone present, our home matches are ticketed with a strict maximum attendance.

If you’re coming, you need to follow our Covid-19 guidelines.

Before the day

  • Entry is only by advanced ticket from
  • The details entered when booking tickets will only be used, if necessary, for NHS Track and Trace.
  • Members will be given the opportunity to book first, via the newsletter, before we post on social media. Not a member? Sign up or renew now.
  • Entry as usual is free, but with donations welcome. If you wish to donate, you can do so when you book the ticket or in a bucket at the entrance (please bring exact money, no change).
  • We will have a list of ticket-holders, but please bring your ticket confirmation with you (particularly your order number) on your phone or printed out.
  • Please only book tickets if you are definitely attending the game. If circumstances change and you can’t make it, contact us for a refund and so we can resell the ticket to someone else.

On the day

  • Do not attend if you have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Follow all guidance on travelling and social distancing in getting to Wadham Lodge
  • Mask up on public transport and ideally at the ground too, particularly when passing other spectators and if singing
  • Gates open an hour before kick off. Remember that entry will take a bit longer so please come earlier than usual.
  • Please have your ticket booking number ready (either a print-out or on your phone) so we can tick you off the list.
  • We will do no-contact digital thermometer at the entrance, Please sanitise your hands there too.
  • There will be QR codes at the entrance for those with the NHS Covid-19 app to check in.
  • When you are inside, please make sure you space out 2 metres around the ground. We can’t allow people to congregate in groups outside their own social bubble.
  • If you’re closer to 2 metres to someone else, for instance while walking past others. we encourage you to wear a face mask
  • Please keep walkways clear so people can walk around the ground easily.
  • The Matchday Centre bar won’t be open and they have asked that no alcohol be brought to the game,
  • There is no ban on singing, flag waving etc but please be sensible, keep your distance and wear a mask if possible.
  • The toilets can be accessed by the side door in the car park – look out for the signs. If you have access issues, you can go up the ramp into the reception instead. You’ll need a mask when indoors.
  • Please follow the signs around the ground and instructions from Clapton CFC matchday volunteers on the day. It’s a thankless task and your co-operation will be appreciated.
  • The Comms committee will be looking to live stream the game on YouTube for those that can’t make it.

Risk assessment for players and training sessions

What are the hazards?
Who might be harmed Controls Required Additional Controls
Action by who? Action by when? Done
Spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus

Players Coaches Other training parties MDC Staff

Hand Washing Follow standard hand washing guidance prior to session Hand sanitiser to be available at training Participants encouraged to bring personal hand sanitiser Participants to refrain from handshakes, high fives and other hand-to-hand contact Further Cleaning/Hygiene Equipment to be cleaned prior to session Equipment to be handled by as few people as possible All match day kit to be designated to each player. They will be responsible for washing and maintaining that kit. Participants to bring own water/drinks bottles – Encourage bottles to be labelled and made separate Participants must refrain from spitting All shared equipment should be cleaned at earliest opportunity after session Participants should wash hands after the session has finished Players to provide own bibs/substitute Social Distancing Avoid formal or social person-to-person contact such as handshakes, group goal celebrations Training can consist of 2 or more groups of 6 (including coach). Groups to be kept separate. Participants should be encouraged to leave the venue after the session has finished and not congregate Travel to and from the venue in compliance with government guidelines

Use of Changing Rooms Changing rooms to be cleaned with appropriate cleaning agents prior to use. Changing room used for changing and showers only. No loitering. Staggered use of changing room. Team talk and tactics all to be completed outside.

Contact with Match Officials and Opposition Both teams and officials to use tunnel separately. Team sheets to be distributed electronically. Payments to be made electronically if possible. Traditional greetings to be discouraged. Pre-match handshake suspended until further notice.

Use of match day volunteers Minimal number of volunteers on site for every match day. All volunteers need to be members. No friends/family/visitors allowed on-site to watch game, unless in a volunteering capacity (until further notice). Working groups to submit numbers of volunteers and reasoning of attendance at least 24 hours before KO. All volunteers need to maintain public health guidance when on site, including social distancing and wearing of PPE where possible.

Coaches should ensure football activity follows the latest government guidance. Temperature of players and coaches will be checked on arrival and before entering changing rooms, via infrared thermometer. Anybody with a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or above, will be asked to leave the vicinity immediately. MDC Covid-19 policy must also be adhered to Participants must conduct self-check prior to attending for any of the identified symptoms Anyone presenting with a dry, persistent cough or high temperature to be asked to leave the session immediately (Finance to reimburse cost of washing kit?)

Depending on size of changing room, limit numbers at a time so all players can socially distance whilst changing. Recommended that warm up groups same as groups in changing room at same time.