Clapton CFC Hardship Fund: How to apply

The Hardship Fund, now live, is designed to provide financial help to Clapton CFC members: no criteria or strings, simply on the basis of need.

There is obviously a limit to our ability to raise money so we ask anyone seeking help to use the following as a guide when requesting funds.

Food: £50

Bills: £100

Rent help: £200

The above is merely a guide and you can request the amount you need. You don’t have to specify what you need the money for. Nor is there is an upper limit. When funds are exhausted, then they are gone.

If you need help, email and let us know. The club’s Community Outreach Committee is keeping track of how much we raise and assuming there are funds, then we will ask for your bank details and then transfer funds over.

That’s it – when things start to improve, we hope people will decide to undertake their own solidarity to someone who needs help, but that’s entirely up to you.

If you are in Britain and you need other help where you live, find a local mutual aid group at We will post up links in other states on the club’s DogChat forum as soon as we know more: see

We would also encourage anyone wanting and able to help the most vulnerable in our society to donate to Hackney Migrant Centre’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund (