Gift Card - Tons Bar at the OSD

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PLEASE NOTE: The gift cards themselves will be available to pick up at the bar, once it opens (which may be a little while yet!)

The new roof is on the clubhouse at the Old Spotted Dog and you can get your first pints in already! It might still be several months before we can actually pour them for you, but to help get some much needed cashflow towards the work still needed to get it open, you can pop a bit of money on a prepaid gift card.

These won't be posted out so they can't be given directly to your loved ones this weekend, but a print-off-at-home ValenTONs card will be e-mailed to you automatically with your confirmation e-mail, for you to let the Ton in your life know exactly how much they should be drinking at that first game back that we're all looking forward to.

There's an explanation of how to pick up the card on the left hand side inside, and a blank space for your message on the right.

These will be useable for anything at the bar, including non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, but sales of alcohol will obviously be 18+ only so this may not be a suitable gift for anyone under 18.

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