Thursday's General Meeting

Thoughts in advance of the General Meeting on Thursday 25th October?

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Re: Thursday's General Meeting

Post by Caminho » 09 Nov 2018, 14:19

My main issue with the meeting was that it wasn't very diverse - not sure whether that reflects our membership or not (I certainly hope not).

I do think it's unfair to accuse committee members who gave up their time to come to the meeting as Trotskyist recruiters in official uniforms. We had ample discussion before the meeting within both Fundraising and International to decide who would lead the breakout session on the night. Luckily there was quite a few of us that could do it in Fundraising, but no one could do International (others were there wearing different hats, most others committee members aren't UK based). I ended up giving up a shift to be there and lost a night's wage as a result.

During the breakout, I showed people International's remit and told them what we've been working on since September. International managed to get a number of new committee members from the night who've been very active in the group since - so I'd say it was a success from that side of things.

I really want to reaffirm the way committees work. Committees work best when members participate actively in them, shape their directions, and contribute their energy. They don't work well when they are simply delegated a long to do list - I understand Community is under quite a lot of pressure at the moment.

That all said, it would be good to see minutes. Personally I'd like to see an Annual Report in the summer. Yes, I know that's delegating a to-do to someone else ;)

Finally: regarding Telegram/Whatsapp - I honestly much prefer organising this way, as I am not always able to make evening meetings due to work commitments and training. I understand it's not everyone's preferred way of talking though so I hope each committee finds what work for them.
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Re: Thursday's General Meeting

Post by jackgg » 16 Nov 2018, 15:10

Hi all,
Sorry minutes haven't been circulated yet, this is completely my fault - things (Clapton & IRL) have been pretty busy lately and have overwhelmed me slightly.
I have typed them up and shared with another member who helps with secretary stuff to see if there is anything to add - hopefully they will be circulated with next week's newsletter.
Going forwards I think I'd like to suggest asking for a volunteer to take minutes at the beginning of each meeting - this will mean that the task doesn't fall on too few shoulders and hopefully people with more time can get them done quicker!
Also there was mention of Training Committee possibly putting on training for minute-taking which I think would be great - especially as all Committees are required to minute their meetings. On another note we also need to decide how we share Committee meeting minutes with the members - maybe a topic for another day, unless anyone has any ideas?

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Re: Thursday's General Meeting

Post by Terryfunkhouser » 21 Nov 2018, 12:50

dowdinsk wrote:
01 Nov 2018, 22:18
So what actually happened at the meeting? OK I was actually present so to some extent I'm in the know, but I do wonder whether those of our 900+ members who couldn't be physically present might be just a little curious?

The general meeting was announced in Clapton CFC Newsletter 15, and then later there came an email to the membership from The Board - 'Members Meeting - 25 Oct 2018' but there's been little news of what took pace as yet.

I started this thread both lamenting the burnout from the demands arising from the shirt sales that seemed to be placing a strain beyond our current capacity, and thinking there might actually be some discussion in advance of the evening itself - proposals circulated in advance, that sort of thing.

The evening started with breakouts into the committees, perhaps a bit like a Trotskyist recruitment exercise for any present not active in one or more already, or maybe wanting to demand answers from a different committee, I don't know? (I'm part of Team Brambles, aka Grounds Maintenance, btw)

After that we all came together for the general meeting only then to have first sight of a three page printout of various proposals that had been submitted in advance:
· Most were agreed unanimously.
· One on shirt sponsorship had a single vote of dissent, but for me the takeaway from that discussion was that there'd been a first general meeting back in June. (I'm only a member since July)
· Two proposals from a member in Spain requesting the videoing of games and of the general meeting were referred to the Comms committee. Hopefully the proposer will have been informed of this outcome?

There wasn't really any time left for proposals from the floor.

Since the meeting there've only been a couple of tweets and retweets:
I'm not on F£$%book so I can't say what's been on there.
There's been nothing on the website.
But I was thrown onto a Telegram group called Banter last weekend until I flounced so I'm aware there's been some hand-wringing going on in the background.
Today in Clapton CFC Newsletter - Issue 16 there's a bit about joining the First Team committee, and mention of "the recent mixer session after the members general meeting" which I didn't understand.

Can members perhaps expect another missive from The Board I wonder? :?
I have no idea what a Trotskyist recruitment drive is and if this is a criticism or not, and while the meeting did go a bit, I thought it went well and I know people put a lot of time into preparing it. My mates that came with me agreed too.

The minutes would be good though.
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