Supporters Direct - fundraising call 10/10/18

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Supporters Direct - fundraising call 10/10/18

Post by evieg » 10 Oct 2018, 21:39

Just participated in a Supporters Direct call on fundraising, where we heard stories from Carole, the General Manager at Bath City, and Gavin Foxall, the Chair at Newport County AFC.

Gen SD/FSF update:
There will be an announcement tomorrow about elections for the SD/FSF networks, work is still underway to merge the two - big operational challenge. Will have a new name, but will keep branding separate for time being. New Chief Exec's role is being written up at the moment, both CEOs are interested. The new organisation will be a Community Benefit Society, but at the moment it needs to remain a Company Limited by Guarantee for v complex legal reasons.

Key points:
- they have property in the stadium, they rent this out to a local nursery, a gym, and a car sales company;
- community events on all of the time, as often as possible;
- engage students;
- beer: sponsorship from local brewery, opened a bottle bar in the ground, have an off-the-shelf app for ordering drinks for half time (like at the theatre!) called Ordoo - set up by Bath students. They saw beer sales as being an easy 'win' and something they had relatively easy control over.

Newport AFC:
- different types of membership, will be launched on 1st Nov, starts at £5/month goes up to corporate membership that includes sponsorship etc.
- getting youth buy-in, sticker/notebook set, mascot, fun & games etc, engaging kids etc, but also has swayed some cardiff fans to newport! this scheme is called clwb spytty, definitely need to nick that name...
- they run their own pub, income is generated this way too.

Interestingly, some people on the call had received dud information on how membership affects VAT.

Relevant to us:
- bottle bar would be great, just a licensing issue (inc rubbish collection etc)
- yoof membership, being able to maybe offer stuff for free would be fantastic

There were loads of other ideas, when they're written up, I'll share the notes on here.

I think anyone can access the calls, will promote the others when we hear about them!
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Re: Supporters Direct - fundraising call 10/10/18

Post by Caminho » 16 Oct 2018, 11:56

Thanks for this, I've passed to the Fundraising
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Re: Supporters Direct - fundraising call 10/10/18

Post by paul_ccfc » 28 Oct 2018, 17:29

Excellent notes. Youth membership would be great.
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